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Liner Notes Club is a Mastodon instance dedicated to providing fans of recorded music with a place to socialize and share their musical musings.

Liner notes are the printed (textual/graphic) content often added to the packaging of musical recordings. Sometimes they contain little more than the list of songs and the people involved with recording them. Other times, they contain fantastic inside looks at the recording process for an album, the song lyrics, critical reviews of the recording, and more.

Liner Notes Club has been set up to allow fans of music to add some commentary around the recordings they listen to and love.

We encourage our members to write about the music of their lives in as much or as little detail as they choose.

All commentary written remains the sole property of the original poster.

As a thematically-focused instance, we would appreciate it if our members generally refrained from using their accounts for most of their non-music-oriented conversation. If you are looking for a more open-themed conversational social media experience, we would recommend looking at https://instances.social/ for a more suitable entrance to the fediverse.

Additionally, as we would like to be a safe and welcoming space for music lovers of all ages, we request that members refrain from posting violent and/or sexually-oriented material to this server. Any content that may be questionable should be posted using the content warning ("CW") functionality provided by the Mastodon software to label possibly troubling topics, themes, or artwork, including but not limited to those that would be inappropriate for introducing to someone else's children.

If you have questions or concerns about these policies, please let one of the administrators or moderators know.

Once our membership is a little bit bigger and available to offer input we will have more detailed information here regarding rules, guidelines, and staffing. Until then, we are adopting the Toot Cafe rules, available at https://toot.cafe/about/more so long as Nolan doesn't send a pack of angry coffee cups to smack us around a bit.

Our current Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available at https://linernotes.club/terms.