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ahhhh yes, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

as @yacht got me thinkin' about Patrice Rushen first thing this morning, I'm of a mood to listen to some of the undersung women of jazz today, including the super talented Ms. Rushen, but starting with the brief recording career of Jutta Hipp.

So, if some tones and grooves from women with moves might be what soothes your end-of-the-weekend blues, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying or streaming on

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Update: predictably this album sucks a lot but “Valley Nights” is pretty smooth. This album was really gunning for “most lyrics”

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I learned today that “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince is about Patrice Rushen and I think that’s very cute

(That song has an 81.5 yachtski score btw, yacht rock to the hilt)

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It’s very weird when the only place you can find a song is on one of those NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL or GREATEST EVER comps. Normally it’s just the most basic obvious shit but like, is “Love You Like I Never Loved Before” by John O’Banion part of the GREATEST EVER SOFT ROCK? idk but it’s on there and apparently no other CD in the world

guess i gotta listen to the... bernie... taupin... solo album? ??????

no joke probably 30% of all albums on had al schmitt on the boards

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RIP to al schmitt who engineered basically every yacht rock album, from aja to toto iv to albums by larsen-feiten, randy crawford, george benson...


1. Bill Champlin
2. Terry Kath
3. Peter Cetera

tied for last: all others

thinking about switching the ortofon 2m red for a goldring E3 per this review so if you're in the market for a good entry-level cart for your turntable i'd be happy to part with the red

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there are probably hashtags for this sort of thing but i don't know what they are

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listening gear (spring 2021) 


turntable: u-turn orbit w/ acrylic platter, ortofon 2m red cart (probably the next thing to get upgraded)

preamp/adc: music hall pa2.2 (using this to rip vinyl for )
dac: ifi zen dac
headphone amp: ifi zen can
headphones: philips fidelio x2hr

receiver: denon avr-S750H

Jamo 7.1 system with s801 bookshelves, s809 towers, s810 sub

i got out of the sonos game, it was annoying

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Earth Wind and Fire apparently played “After The Love is Gone” on VERZUZ so yacht rock’s still kickin’ baby

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Good morning!!!!!

#TenforTen2021 runs all day today!

Until 11:59PM EST

1. donate $10usd or more to
2. Send me a screenshot of your receipt
3. Get a personalized playlist of ten songs on the theme of your choice, from songs about kinds of horses to songs that skip a beat to songs that make you wanna boogie

I’m a onetime professional DJ
I run #dadsFM
It’s my 30th birthday

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*Narrator voice* It was not among the best albums of 1978

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in conclusion, her current record label should be in jail

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