Steve Lukather NFTs begone from the universe

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howdy it’s #bandcampfriday

I make remixes, edits, and DJ mixes as Dads FM at

I recently released Volume 2 of #YSides, my mixes of rare, weird, or obscure #yachtrock. Volume 2 is all covers, and it’s pretty great!

I also have stickers and shirts available, worldwide.

this morning i finally got my hands on one of my holy-grail records and the feeling of getting an album you've been searching for YEARS and it is EVERY BIT as good as you hoped, oooh baby it just makes everything better

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It's a great tragedy that "let's play contemporary hit music behind our tv show" was not invented until 1984 because a lot of early 80s cop shows would be improved by "ride like the wind"

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Vol 2 of my #yachtrock DJ mixtape series #YSides is out now! This one is called "Covered Under Sail"—every song is a cover.

Download or stream free on Bandcamp, and check out Vol 1 and my edits there as well.

Happy Spring!

Apple Music editorial staff gets into wild opinions

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if you have children* and are interested in moving to/creating an alt on a trans-inclusive, chill, and respectful #hometown instance (that’s a fork of mastodon with local-only posting and a few other choice customizations), check out or! Three years running, active moderation, pleasant people. Feel free to DM or @ me. Boosts welcome.

:lowly: :joecheers: :mowy: :cribbage:

*pets are not children

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Really getting tired of Christian yacht rock, there is so much of it and yes, it sounds “right” for the era and style but it’s all soul saving and no soul

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getting grumpy in the yacht rock discord and declaring that I will subtract 25 points on the yachtski scale from all CCM tracks

been listening to more citypop to add to the @fm catalog and this is song is an absolutely shameless ripoff of Home At Last by Steely Dan (especially the beginning and end). I am actually astounded Becker and Fagen don't get songwriting credits. I think if DF heard this there'd be a court case

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richard marx is one of those guys who would absolutely have been one of the main yacht rock guys if he was like 5 years older

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all the digital synth stuff (lead, bass, bells)
drum machine

live drums
live bass
clean rhythm guitar
a guitar solo before the last chorus and fadeout

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