Not *everything* on is but basically all extant yacht rock will eventually get played on the station

ok!!! i am going to play more records this week!!!! it's rainy!!!!!

most people know "steal away," probably the most shameless "what a fool believes" ripoff ever to crack the top 10, but all of robbie dupree's 1980 self-titled debut is extremely yachty.

michael boddicker provides synths, bill labounty backing vocals. excellent rainy morning

Hi I swear I'm gonna post more here I just haven't had the time to spin clean the batch of records yet. in the meantime i'm listening to the 1980 peabo bryson album "Paradise" which has an extremely boss version of "minute by minute" on it

stating for the record that none of these artists ever recorded a song:

the eagles
fleetwood mac
jimmy buffett
the beach boys

hell yeah

keep the fire, from 1979, is a little country-tinged; kenny pretty much always stayed firmly on the rock side of yacht rock.

three tracks are certified yacht, including the indelible "this is it"; the opening track "love has come of age" (one of my favorites) just missed the boat at a 47.25 on the yachstki scale.

the official spotify playlist by jd ryznar (in which every song has been rated over 50 on the Yachtski scale, see was updated last week for the first time in a year and now has a whopping 411 songs on it!

28 hours of yacht rock

one record i'm really excited about in this shipment is the 1979 self-titled solo debut from leah kunkel—i've been listening to it on spotify and it's unreal.

leah is mama cass's little sister; she married legendary soft-rock studio drummer russ kunkel (james taylor, carly simon, stevie nicks), who produced this record.

steve lukather is all over this, too.

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Randy Crawford's "Windsong" from 1982. this record is nonstop jams despite only one of the tracks getting officially yacht-certified (We Had A Love So Strong,

Jeff Porcaro! Steve Lukather! Michael Sembello! David Sanborn! Bill Champlin and Richard Page!

a wonderful early 80s pop-r&b record, endlessly smooth, perfect for a quiet foggy morning.

Here’s the excellent “Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986” from Light in the Attic records, who are putting out just amazing reissues of Japanese content right now

is a much more expansive genre compared to , definitely one of your square/rectangle situations, but a few tracks here are yacht for sure

There’s a sequel comp due out in may; LITA and numero are two of the labels doing the most in preserving smooth music through the ages.


"time out of mind" is one of my favorite songs of all time, it gets my butt wiggling in the chair all the time. it's just so fucking CRISP. i really do not want to know how long it took to record this one song, the guitars alone are just perfect. probably the most subtle michael mcdonald backing vocals on a record. really exemplifies the ethos, basically digital precision before digital existed

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currently playing steely dan's gaucho, probably my favorite dan album. a perfect-sounding record imo, unbelievably crisp and oh-so-smooth. 4 of the 7 tracks are certified ; the album is a classic of the form.

I got to see Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, who plays the ultra-precise shuffle drums on "Babylon Sisters" at a jazz club in Chicago last year—he is a legend and a delight.


hey friends, this my account for posting the 70s and 80s records (and sometimes some other stuff) that come by my turntable and spotify.

you might know me from my charity playlists at and for my much-publicized devotion to and other smooth music.

discogs in the profile to track the out-of-print, not-streaming stuff I hunt down; spotify for So. Many. Playlists.

i'm a dad and i like dad music. :df:

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