in 2022 we've got *actual members of steely dan* making steely dan memes and sending them to instagram meme pages

No I like records that sound good not ones made using tin cans and cigarette cartons

Connor Kennedy, current touring guitarist with Steely Dan, had this Wawa x Steely Dan collab put together for SD’s Philly show. Simply incredible

late 70s pop trash you say??? and it's got duck dunn, steve cropper, and jeff porcaro?

feed the trash directly to me please

Currently listening to another hawaiiacht record, this one is not online unfortunately because 1/2 of the band is a monster

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Hello this album whips it's hawaiiacht and is on bandcamp!

currently digitizing this one-off disco/boogie record from '79, featuring a young luther vandross singing "georgy porgy"

guess i gotta listen to the... bernie... taupin... solo album? ??????

there are probably hashtags for this sort of thing but i don't know what they are

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