someday maybe i'll be able to afford their actual product, the most beautiful mixer in the world

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Probably the dumbest item I’ll ever own but I love it anyway

thinking about buying this on ebay, a truly normal shirt

Some important acquisitions for arrived today despite the blizzard

This is how I listen to records that my dad would have owned if he hadn’t sold all his records to buy CDs in 1985

amp replaced, wasn’t too bad, just a cable for the speaker itself and a cable for the power LED to contend with, so sub’s back in action. The other piece of kit is the ifi zen DAC for tidal and my own library

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New denon receivers come with this origami tripod to hold the room correction mic at ear height and it looks like a fucking estes rocket. It’s absurd

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thank you @envgen for finding this atrocity i created two years ago

I demand more information about this German-market cover album produced to promote Disney’s Atlantis

ok!!! i am going to play more records this week!!!! it's rainy!!!!!

most people know "steal away," probably the most shameless "what a fool believes" ripoff ever to crack the top 10, but all of robbie dupree's 1980 self-titled debut is extremely yachty.

michael boddicker provides synths, bill labounty backing vocals. excellent rainy morning

hell yeah

keep the fire, from 1979, is a little country-tinged; kenny pretty much always stayed firmly on the rock side of yacht rock.

three tracks are certified yacht, including the indelible "this is it"; the opening track "love has come of age" (one of my favorites) just missed the boat at a 47.25 on the yachstki scale.

one record i'm really excited about in this shipment is the 1979 self-titled solo debut from leah kunkel—i've been listening to it on spotify and it's unreal.

leah is mama cass's little sister; she married legendary soft-rock studio drummer russ kunkel (james taylor, carly simon, stevie nicks), who produced this record.

steve lukather is all over this, too.

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