@djsundog i am having a very strange thing where i follow my account but if a post has an image or a link in it it doesn't federate? 3 days since the last post with either showed up on my timeline here from d.c

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@yacht ugh, sorry - it's time for me to kick an upgrade or two at linernotes anyway. thanks for the report, I'll try and get that resolved within the next day or two.

@yacht @djsundog oh, I wasn't just imagining this!

Yes, I've seen this issue too. And notifications on my phone are muted / blocked as well, when there's no user-facing settings I've set to make that happen.

@dustin @yacht

upgrade to 3.4.1 is complete and based on my initial tests the issues with images seems to have been resolved in the process, which was my hope.

I boosted your thing after finding it with search, daddy-o. Also, count me in for a sticker.

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