hey friends, this my account for posting the 70s and 80s records (and sometimes some other stuff) that come by my turntable and spotify.

you might know me from my charity playlists at and for my much-publicized devotion to and other smooth music.

discogs in the profile to track the out-of-print, not-streaming stuff I hunt down; spotify for So. Many. Playlists.

i'm a dad and i like dad music. :df:

listening gear (spring 2020 edition) 

primarily listening to records on the u-turn orbit turntable you see in my photos, with an acrylic platter, a leather slipmat, and an ortofon 2m red cartridge.

i also use a basic rolls VP29 phono preamp.

speakers are krk V6 studio monitors.

a sonos connect puts the records in other rooms of our house.

~will update this thread with upgrades/changes~

after some living room wiring updates I am going to switch towards real bookshelf and tower speakers and probably a sub soon. Studio monitors are just not great for listening to records

listening gear (winter 2020) 

turntable: u-turn orbit (acrylic platter)
cartridge: ortofon red

Computer: MacBook Pro running Audirvana, optical output

Streaming: Tidal Hifi, Neil Young Archives

Receiver: Denon AVR-S750H (built in phono preamp)

2x Jamo S 801 bookshelf
Jamo S 803 center
2x Jamo S 809 tower
Jamo S 810 sub

Output from turntable is also split with second path going to rolls VP9 preamp and then Sonos connect line-in to play records in other rooms


listening gear (spring 2021) 


turntable: u-turn orbit w/ acrylic platter, ortofon 2m red cart (probably the next thing to get upgraded)

preamp/adc: music hall pa2.2 (using this to rip vinyl for )
dac: ifi zen dac
headphone amp: ifi zen can
headphones: philips fidelio x2hr

receiver: denon avr-S750H

Jamo 7.1 system with s801 bookshelves, s809 towers, s810 sub

i got out of the sonos game, it was annoying

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there are probably hashtags for this sort of thing but i don't know what they are

thinking about switching the ortofon 2m red for a goldring E3 per this review so if you're in the market for a good entry-level cart for your turntable i'd be happy to part with the red

@yacht here you can see the famous feet i ordered

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