Requesting that @djsundog provide the "crying with sunglasses" emoji and the "sad party" emoji so I can post about listening to Magnolia Electric Co. during a severe storm

also :yell: for things like

It didn't used to be so hard
It used to be impossible

:sadparty: the 10th anniversary pressing of Magnolia Electric Co. includes an LP of Jason Molina's solo demos for every song on the record. perfect mournful monday music. one of my favorite alt-country albums of all time, possibly the best one.

gonna play a bunch of gloomy grooves from the 2000s today as this old house rattles in the wind


turn on the bright lights is definitely one of the quintessential :sunglasses_cry: records

my first sleeve that doesn't fit inside the dust cover of my turntable!

this anniversary set includes some bonus stuff including the track "specialist" which was probably the best song ever used for a sex scene in The OC

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:yell_reverse: All the people that you’ve loved, they’re all bound to leave some keepsakes :yell:

this is a beautiful book of photos and liner notes but they do spell September wrong as well

ultimately interpol is a tragic band because they could not sustain their coolness through five albums or whatever they ended up doing, but the first two are very good and the third one has its moments

the phones (aka paul epworth, who would go on to produce Rolling In The Deep and a lot of other big records) remix of third-album Interpol single The Heinrich Maneuver is extremely good despite not being on Spotify, Apple Music, nor even YouTube! here's a dailymotion rip? very lossy, sorry

what in god's name is the deal with this compilation i just found on spotify??? it appears to only exist on streaming services

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