robert palmer is extremely underrated, at least when it comes to his earlier r&b stuff. he did a pair of records—this one, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, in ’74, and Pressure Drop in ’75, his first two as a solo artist—with a backing band that was mostly members of Little Feat and the Meters. Both bands were at the peak of their form.

Both of those records are must-listens, even if you only know robert palmer for the 80s videos, if you like New Orleans r&b.

A while ago I made this silly playlist called “This Is How White Boys Eat The Beignet” specifically of white singers going to Nola to record “real”-sounding r&b. the Wings track on this playlist is probably mccartney’s best ever vocal performance?

[that record was very short]

on to the next one! I considered cwing this for nudity but this account is tiny anyway.

pressure drop has some great songs, especially the title track; probably the most tolerable white guy reggae ever recorded (the original was made famous by toots and the maytalls of course). there is something about robert palmer’s yorkshire twink energy that translates perfectly to belted r&b. also he recorded these two albums at 25 and 26 years old :blobsmile:

robert palmer started out in a band called “vinegar joe” which I will NOT listen to because it sounds GROSS

was robert palmer the ultimate yorkshire twink? yes.

@yacht Both great albums no doubt but let's not forget Double Fun with some solid grooves like Best of Both Worlds and appearances by the Brecker Brothers.

@tackhead Double Fun is a great album! controversially Every Kinda People was declared nyacht rock, i personally think it is

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