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listening gear (spring 2021) 


turntable: u-turn orbit w/ acrylic platter, ortofon 2m red cart (probably the next thing to get upgraded)

preamp/adc: music hall pa2.2 (using this to rip vinyl for )
dac: ifi zen dac
headphone amp: ifi zen can
headphones: philips fidelio x2hr

receiver: denon avr-S750H

Jamo 7.1 system with s801 bookshelves, s809 towers, s810 sub

i got out of the sonos game, it was annoying

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hey friends, this my account for posting the 70s and 80s records (and sometimes some other stuff) that come by my turntable and spotify.

you might know me from my charity playlists at and for my much-publicized devotion to and other smooth music.

discogs in the profile to track the out-of-print, not-streaming stuff I hunt down; spotify for So. Many. Playlists.

i'm a dad and i like dad music. :df:

late 70s pop trash you say??? and it's got duck dunn, steve cropper, and jeff porcaro?

feed the trash directly to me please

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i have put a handful of these stickers on bandcamp:

two dollars gets you a sticker + a free song download

(#dadsFM logo stickers and holographic "mellow's choice" stickers coming next week!)

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I made a 7 and a half minute edit of “FM” by Steely Dan that features dueling sax and guitar solos. Think of it as the 12” mix that never was. I think it’s good.

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@djsundog i am having a very strange thing where i follow my account but if a post has an image or a link in it it doesn't federate? 3 days since the last post with either showed up on my timeline here from d.c

Currently listening to another hawaiiacht record, this one is not online unfortunately because 1/2 of the band is a monster

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Hello this album whips it's hawaiiacht and is on bandcamp!

Why yes, there was a steely dan song in an E3 trailer today

CCM yacht is called Ark Rock and because BJ Thomas was on Myrrh, the number one ark rock label, I am SURE I can find something of his that makes the boat

Attention!!!! Keb Mo made a yacht rock album as Kevin Morris in 1980!!! My mind is blown!!!!

wow, the rumored "lossless tier" of apple music isn't a tier at all, it's free for all subscribers starting in June. Tidal wyd

open for a brutal truth 

"what a fool believes" does not have electric piano in it

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In case you missed it, starting last night I made @fm, the radio station, start playing every yacht rock song I have in my library in ascending order of yachtiness. Getting in the high 80s/100 now, and will continue for a few hours until it reaches 100 tonight——- #dadsFM

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so if you've ever wondered exactly what yacht rock is, everything played tonight will be it. after we've reached 100 on the yachtski scale, we'll return to regular #dadsFM rotation

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every song you hear will get progressively yachtier through the night

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starting tonight at 7:30 (that's in 15 minutes) on I will be streaming every song in my library that has ever been certified as #yachtrock by the creators of the term, in ascending order of yachtiness

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one thing about bernie taupin's singing voice is that he sounds exactly like adam sandler

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that luther vandross georgy porgy cut is seven and a half minutes long 🙌

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currently digitizing this one-off disco/boogie record from '79, featuring a young luther vandross singing "georgy porgy"

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