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"the logical song"??? more like the, cold takes song

ok!!! i am going to play more records this week!!!! it's rainy!!!!!

most people know "steal away," probably the most shameless "what a fool believes" ripoff ever to crack the top 10, but all of robbie dupree's 1980 self-titled debut is extremely yachty.

michael boddicker provides synths, bill labounty backing vocals. excellent rainy morning

Hi I swear I'm gonna post more here I just haven't had the time to spin clean the batch of records yet. in the meantime i'm listening to the 1980 peabo bryson album "Paradise" which has an extremely boss version of "minute by minute" on it

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@rjt and lots of steely dan has been played in garages but that don’t make it garage rock

stating for the record that none of these artists ever recorded a song:

the eagles
fleetwood mac
jimmy buffett
the beach boys

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listening to instrumental jazz gives one the opportunity to make such wise observations as the following:

"you hear that? that's Stan Getz's spit. no one else's spit sounds quite like Stan's."

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oops, definitely need to run this batch of LPs through the ol' spinclean

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hell yeah

keep the fire, from 1979, is a little country-tinged; kenny pretty much always stayed firmly on the rock side of yacht rock.

three tracks are certified yacht, including the indelible "this is it"; the opening track "love has come of age" (one of my favorites) just missed the boat at a 47.25 on the yachstki scale.

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@nowplaying this song, as they say, whips ass. it slaps. it's a banger

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the official spotify playlist by jd ryznar (in which every song has been rated over 50 on the Yachtski scale, see was updated last week for the first time in a year and now has a whopping 411 songs on it!

28 hours of yacht rock

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