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listening gear (spring 2021) 


turntable: u-turn orbit w/ acrylic platter, ortofon 2m red cart (probably the next thing to get upgraded)

preamp/adc: music hall pa2.2 (using this to rip vinyl for )
dac: ifi zen dac
headphone amp: ifi zen can
headphones: philips fidelio x2hr

receiver: denon avr-S750H

Jamo 7.1 system with s801 bookshelves, s809 towers, s810 sub

i got out of the sonos game, it was annoying

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hey friends, this my account for posting the 70s and 80s records (and sometimes some other stuff) that come by my turntable and spotify.

you might know me from my charity playlists at and for my much-publicized devotion to and other smooth music.

discogs in the profile to track the out-of-print, not-streaming stuff I hunt down; spotify for So. Many. Playlists.

i'm a dad and i like dad music. :df:

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This is the day of the expanding bootleg merch problem

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speaking of titles this movie should have been called "The hits of the 70s, 80s, and now!"

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It's #bandcampfriday!

Here are some things you can buy from me, a DJ, that I will get 100% of the proceeds from today.

-the "lost 12" edit" of FM by Steely Dan—a pretty seamless splicing of FM and FM (Reprise) to 7 and a half minutes of smooth

-a DJ edit of "When Sly Calls" by Michael Franks that cuts out all the boring jazz bits

-"Been Drinking" a filter-country-house raveup with a huge drop

-#dadsFM stickers! surprises may be included with orders today!

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*hello, please boost and enjoy*

i am soft-launching the first installment of my lofi yacht rock mixtape series #ysides exclusively on masto

i took an hour of obscure, bizarre, amateurish, and goofy #yachtrock (or at least attempts at it) from the late 70s to mid 80s, mixed it live, then dubbed it to a NOS TDK cassette from 1982 and back to digital.

Y Sides Vol. 1 is FREE on Bandcamp.

I saw Lonnie Smith at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago 5 years ago and he was so funny, so soulful, so weird. A truly rare talent

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RIP to Dr. Lonnie Smith who was, for a time, too funky for blue note

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Y Sides vol 1 coming October 1st

1 hour of rare and weird yacht rock or attempts at yacht rock

Mastered on type IV cassette

Cheap as free

:bing: that barbara streisand concept album where she only sang songs about water

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If you are a musician or are somehow involved in music production, you should get in on this deal, which is honestly staggering. If you buy one thing from IKMultimedia you get to pick 16 other items for free of equal or lesser value. THIS WORKS FOR UPGRADES! so you can use one free credit on the base item and one on the deluxe upgrade even if your original purchase was less than the full deluxe version.

If 70ish more people buy something this month it goes up to 17 free

Just realized this morning that Bitches Brew is a pun on Witches Brew

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but if is down how will anyone know how I feel about jean jackets

"some italian had a birthday" gotta be one of the top 5 lyrics of all time

snowbound (bass, drums and vocals only) - donald fagen and walter becker

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Hello! It's #bandcampfriday which means every dollar you spend on bandcamp goes directly to the artist.

Hey, I'm one of those!

Why not buy a #dadsFM sticker? Three options, all ship free worldwide.

:lp: $2 for an AOR Light Mellow 1000 sticker and free DJ edit download

:lp: $4 for a Dads FM logo sticker

:lp: $10 for a limited edition pack (only 5 available!) of the other 2 stickers + a HOLOGRAPHIC sticker + free download of Steely Dan's FM, the lost 12" Edit

late 70s pop trash you say??? and it's got duck dunn, steve cropper, and jeff porcaro?

feed the trash directly to me please

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