Not a surprise to me, but my stream here is majority female artists. I connect with the divine feminine thru music. I have ever since I was very small.

is really quite prolific. She has some real gems, especially for the earnest crowd.

I remember this video dropped in advance of Warpaint's self-titled album, and as a fanboy I had concerns because it was such a departure from their prior work at the time.

Those concerns were alleviated, btw. Wow does that record grow on a guy.

Mark Hollis--Spirit of Eden 

Mark Hollis, creator of 'Spirit of Eden', passed away at 64 y,o. 'Spirit of Eden' is of the most beautiful albums ever recorded.

'Spirit of Eden' is profoundly spiritual, taking the listener into a musical experience of the deep mystery and beauty of nature.

"Everybody needs somebody to live by...rage on omnipotent."

The kids are playing fortnite and one was singing aimlessly as one does when playing MMOs, and he was deeeefinitely imitating Auto-Tune with his natural voice. Kinda wild when you think about it

"[Margo] Price was offering a different view of America. She sang about sin and struggle and the sorts of misfits who never felt comfortable in football stadiums. “I’m an outcast, and I’m a stray / And I plan to stay that way,” she sang.

'You’re so country, but you’re not a redneck,' she recalled one record industry executive telling her."

I kickstarted 's very first album and got a hug from her when I came to pick up my copy in a cafe where she was playing and mostly being ignored.

So glad to see how she's continued making great music (with poetry to match) over the years.

*psst* hey kid 

the network is still very much alive after over a decade and there's still tons of free music plus clients for Linux, Windows, and Mac. pass it on

Watching a live session on and I am irrationally pleased that they're using the same headphones I've owned three pairs of (Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, for anybody counting)

And now for a sharp turn to the other end of "eclectic."

- Passive

I've always loved hard rock with a freight train climax that's delivered by somebody who appreciates the art of the build and who can actually fucking sing. On these points, the Rev. does deliver.


This is a seriously underrated imo.. but maybe that's because I know a bit of the backstory.

Deb Talan - Tell Your Story Walking

It's a homemade slideshow set in NYC ... the song is intimately tied to because recorded it in honor of the novel Motherless Brooklyn.

Deb lived in the NYC/Boston orbit for a while, and just looking at these pictures along with the music brings an state of mind back for me, after I've been gone a decade.


💗felt swears 

I fucking *love* heartfelt story-driven music. I don't care what genre, if I can relate in any way, that's what I usually go for.

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