request for advice about synths 

ok music fedi, I have done my share of recording but I have almost always stuck to your typical guitar+bass+drums because I just don't know anything about synths. I'd like to dip my toes in using some VST plugin synths but I'd like some advice about where to start.

so what do you think? Is there a good freeware or cheap synth plugin you like? Or do you generate all your sounds with external equipment? Or a combination?

I know about modular synths but I do *not* need another thing to spend money on right now which is why I'd like to start with VST

(I’m working on this enclosure for a little LM386 guitar amp and I don’t expect it to sound incredible with the thin wood and a 4” speaker, but on an intangible level it’s gonna sound cool because it’s gonna look cool)

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Unbelievably well-engineered albums:

G. Love and Special Sauce (self-titled debut)

half-seriously thinking about seeing if there's a market for boutique guitar pedals that are completely unremarkable in every way except the housings and hardware, which will be nicely finished white oak and retro style knobs/pilot lights etc

that diminishingly rare feeling when you somehow manage to listen to Smoke on the Water with fresh ears and remember why it was such a big radio hit

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tfw you put on one Deep Purple mark II album and wind up listening to all of them

Playlist of bands that are fantastically great but for some reason never make into heavy rotation territory for me

e.g. Cheap Trick

*extremely* underappreciated Jethro Tull album (at least, in 2021, when Jethro Tull is underappreciated in general): Songs From the Wood. Pretty sure it's my favorite of theirs, the pagan-pastoral vibe is such a great jam

Alright! Here's some sloppy minor pentatonic bullshit on the new cigar box guitar, recorded straight into some high-gain GarageBand amp presets. Clean tones later 🤘#cbg #cigarboxguitar #lutherie #garageband #instrumental #fediversemusic #musiciansofmastodon

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🚫Cafe Del Mar / balearic chillout / beach easy listening


I can't get over how white the white looks, at least in this photo... seems like these might be about as accurate as one could hope to get without the benefit of a time machine to compare them.

I'm *super* curious to compare the Brewster Green to my old Kyanize mystery green stir stick (as chronicled this spring

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Dear open source developers: not all of us want to be programming all the time.

Ok the Matrix trailer looks pretty cool although I wish they could have gotten Fishburne & Weaving involved somehow

Also, you can set pretty much anything to White Rabbit and it will look ominous and/or badass

@dustin I'll probably get around to it eventually and there will hopefully be cool fights and car chases and cool PVC catsuits / long cassocky coats / etc, but I am in no way invested.

I gave up being invested in years-in-the-making cinematic follow ups when I walked out of the theater after watching 'The Phantom Menace' opening night

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