Me, optimizing a Vue.js app built by somebody else:

"Aha! No need to bundle the entire, enormous lodash library when we're only using one function from it, I'll add "orderBy" as a standalone function and that should cut way back on the resulting bundle size"

lol and lmao

This morning’s vibe.

This is definitely one of my better scores; I don’t remember where I found it but I only paid a few bucks for it and it’s like-new.

...I righted another long-term guilt; a colleague pushed MP3s of 'In Your Honour' on me in the summer of 2005 and it was an 'easier to just copy them off the thumb-drive in their presence than get into an argument with them that no, I really would prefer to actually buy it' scenario... and then I caved and listened to the MP3s and never got around to actually buying it.

I don't know if I'm going to do a long rambling Taylor Hawkins post or not... all I'll say for now is that I'm not sure I have been as deeply affected by the passing of a favorite musician.

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Failure teased a limited merch run for "old-school fans" and if it's a re-issue of the Fantastic Planet concert shirt I may well buy one

Tonight in wild moments of visual pattern recognition:

I started watching The Last Boyscout for the first time and I'm pretty sure that's a tobacco burst Fender Esprit, visible in the opening credits network football promo song

16 years ago I was apparently fooling around with , which I remember being a very nice CMS for 2005, and more or less a one-man show at the time (RIP Dean Allen :blobsad:)

Also, if you happen to have a 2005 calendar around I guess you can reuse this year.

As predicted, I got way further into the weeds with the shrepl than I wanted to. it became more grudge than interesting exercise, but I got it mostly under control, a few cursor up/down logic tweaks pending.

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* Text editor is half-baked but functional enough to enter some code
* Shift+Enter evaluates the code
* Code makes beeps and boops
* Metronome blinkenlight looks neat but needs work; need to implement a global beat/measure timer to sync everything to

Project entering the dangerous phase of "more or less working and increasingly less likely to have a stranglehold on my attention the fussier the little UI bugs get"

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This is getting pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Here's a test using all four of the TIC-80's voices, each one playing a different interlaced pattern of pitches and durations.

It's a little bit vanilla as they're all playing the same simple triangle waveform, and the sound is choppy because the screen recording, but still! :ahhhhhhh:

Time to fool around with the SFX editor and make some instruments.

I have a feeling that writing an entire text input widget from scratch (including the logic to keep track of a text buffer, etc.) is going to take as long as working out the looping stuff did, if not longer. (Although actually, somebody's blazed a lot of that trail already!

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Solved (I think?) the synchronization problem, I *have* to put this aside for now but that's a big hurdle jumped.

And the little visualizer I hacked together is pretty cool

apologies for the too-quiet video-of-a-screen, I can't be arsed to sort out screen recording with sound right now

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