I'm sure running this wine emulation is chewing up about 95% of my computer's resources but oh god it is literally like seeing an old friend for the first time in years 馃槶

BRB downloading the fossil skin

WinAmp classic *really is* the platonic ideal of a desktop music player, it does everything a reasonable user would expect and predates all of the now-inescapable social media/surveillance capitalism integration bullshit.

Moment of truth: Has someone written a FLAC plugin

Getting a little bit a stutter from FLAC files, but I'm guessing that early 00's WinAmp is not optimized for playing files that large from a network mount

A small but nice WinAmp touch I never actively noticed before: when you start/stop playing mid-song, it does a super-quick fade-in/fade-out, just long enough to smooth the silence/noise edge a little bit

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