Just bought tix to see Tuba Skinny in August, which will be the first live show I've gone to since... fall of 2018?! 😭

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Or maybe not, depending on how pear-shaped things have gone with the delta variant a week from now 👹

covid / mh- 

Not going to the Tuba Skinny show tonight.

I'm in one of the most vaccinated parts of the U.S. and from what little I can gather it *seems* like fully vaxxed people are pretty safe from delta, but...

Two hours sitting in a closed theater with god knows spewing particles on me from the row behind seems like a much worse idea now than it did when I bought the tickets 2-3 weeks ago, and if I go I'm going to spend the night being distracted by that instead enjoying the music.

I feel like I missed a six-week window of being able to go out and do stuff, and thanks to willfully ignorant selfish asshole shithead antivaxxers I guess that's how existence is going to be from now on; surges of infection by new/more contagious/deadlier variants interspersed with "welp, you're vaccinated and it's as safe as it's going to get at the moment, so you might as well get out, have some fun, and not worry about the deadly highly transmissible incurable disease"

For this and other reasons my world feels very very small right now

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