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I have decided that, once I am duly vaccinated (Which in my neck of the woods would be beginning May at the very earliest) I am going to mask up, goto my friendly local music store, trade some shit in, poke around *at my leisure* and maybe get a new goddamned guitar.

If I'm still on my guitar bullshit by then.

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...or I may* stumble across a relatively local store with a used listing for the make+model I'd been zeroing in on, in the exact, rare color that would have been my first choice, and just jump on it.

* when I say "may", I mean "did". 🙄 In theory, this will get the gear-chasing/celebratory splurge energy out of my system, *and* I can consign some stuff with the shop when I pick it up.

guitarposting / covid logistics 

...after doing a bit of research on the matter I discovered that, as a responsible human being, I am going to have to leave my new-to-me guitar in its case for 5 days once I get it home because there's no telling what any number of sanitizing substances may do to the finish. :sadparty:

guitarposting / covid logistics 

Meanwhile, a little strip of ribbed rubber on one my old faithful guitar's tone knobs came off tonight. I mean, not hugely surprising on the one hand given that it's ~37 years old, but I didn't even realize it was a separate piece of rubber all this time.

I'm finding it more upsetting than I would have predicted. I'm highly doubtful any sort of aftermarket or used part market exists for this guitar, so hopefully they can be glued back on or something for another 37 years.. Definitely calling the luthier tomorrow before anything else falls off, lol.

gearposting / covid logistics 

ohhh, dammit there's good deal on a squier jagbass on the localish craigslist that I would be all over if not for the whole "going into some rando's house in the middle of a pandemic" thing.

...that, and also just having bought a guitar last week. 😅

But I can feel an impulse to multitrack some electric guitar stuff percolating and I'm probably going to wind up with a bass if I get there


Huh, TIL that not only does MusicMan have their own budget line of guitars ("Sterling by MusicMan"), they make a St. Vincent model 👀

Picked up the Epiphone tonight and it’s f’ing beautiful😭

No photos yet because I am leaving it in its case until Wednesday (5 days being the generally accepted outside length of time that coronavirus might survive on hard surfaces)

I realized on my way home that the shop was only a mile or two from the mall parking lot where I met the guy I bought my last “sudden fixation” guitar from, which seemed auspicious to a sentimental fool like myself

Speaking of sentimentality, I left my first banjo there on consignment, which also felt right

I am really liking this guitar a lot, it's really versatile and the semi-hollowbody resonance really adds a lot of flavor to the tone, especially in the "enough gain to break up but not full-on clipped" zone.

And pelham blue really is just a beautiful color 👀

Odds of me eventually attempting to do a DG-335 kit build are pretty high.

So, a seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a cheap basswood telecaster kit that I had watchlisted 👀

(I mean, I should to a practice run if I'm going to attempt a semi-hollow kit, right?)

I still want to do a kit with an outrageous chunky 1970's van purple flake (Like, so chunky that an actual spray gun would be involved) but I have a different style in mind for that.

Meanwhile I'm eying Re-Ranch's "Crown Royal Purple" nitro-lacquer aerosol 💜

Apparently Minwax makes an aerosol nitro-lacquer clear-coat that is considerably cheaper than the offerings from ReRanch/StewMac/etc., so that's cool; I'd like to spend less on finishing supplies than on the kit itself.

If this were a one-off I'd probably just do a rustoleum home depot finish, but it *is* a practice run

Telecaster kit arrives today, but ReRanch has had a 'online shop closed for a few days so we can catch up on orders' message up for a week now :blobpats:

Impatience (and frugality) are probably going to win out. Rustoleum makes a pretty good-looking purple metallic acrylic lacquer that can be found in-store at Autozone, and while I'm at it I'll just go with Rustoleum primer & clear coat. Not sure what I might do about a sanding sealer, if anything.

If there's one thing that dudes (and it does seem to be 100% dudes) on DIY guitar forums love, it's bickering and holding forth about finishing schedules

(It does seem that, if you're really going for a glassy smooth finish, you want to do a proper sealing step. Zinsser Bullseye Shellac should do the trick, I think my pick-up-all-the-things trip is going to have to wait until Wednesday)

holy crap, the quality of this kit really exceeds all expectations. The heel will need a fair amount of sanding to get the fingerboard flush with the body, but the pocket itself has been fitted quite nicely.

The frets are really nicely finished and a quick check with a straightedge seems to indicate that they're consistently level all the way down and across the neck.

The tuners feel a bit cheap but that's to be expected, and an easy upgrade if they turn out to be total garbage. I'm sure the pickups are cheap too, but the pots, switch, and bridge plate are nicer than I was expecting; nicely plated and solid. But all of that stuff is easily swap-outtable whenever.

The only mild gripe I have is with the jack area, which is a bit squared off for some reason. At first I assumed it must be to accommodate a flat jack plate, but no... the one included in the kit is gently curved.

But, since I'm doing this as a solid color it's not really a huge deal; I'll build it out with some wood epoxy.

For $66? 👀 I'll take it 🎸

Huh, TIL (never having owned or spent any real time with one before) that the flat jack area is a standard tele feature, with a lot of variation. (and now thanks to the internet, maybe a bit of a silly "makes it more authentic" trend)

So that's cool. I'll ease those corners a little but but leave well enough alone. Gotta order a proper flat jack, though. Might get a black pickguard while I'm at it :blobthinking:

(here's that Rustoleum purple BTW )

Hnnnggggg Trini Lopez ES-335 kits are back in stock at the one place I know of that sells them...
Last time they sold out within a week or two.

I am NOT ordering another guitar kit until I've at least established momentum on the first one


I might have just half-solved a long-running mystery about a favorite paint color with enormous sentimental significance for me. Might chase this down for the instead of the purple.

My grandfather used Kyanize paint - I don't know if there was any reason for that loyalty beyond that being what the hardware store in town sold.

They made this one color, a beautiful deep, dark green, so dark that you might mistake it for black at a glance, and grandpa used it to paint various things around the family's summer cottage.

Kyanize is long gone, and the cottage was sold four years ago after 100 years in the family, and all I have is an old Kyanize stir stick with some paint on it. My dad tried to get it color matched but it was so dark as to confound the scanner (although I think he just went to Home Depot, I'll bet a specialty paint shop could do better)

My dad's recollection was that it was called "Bottle Green", but the last time I went on an internet search I came up completely empty-handed.

Tonight I found two very promising leads: Some Kyanize floor paint chips, one of which is a very dark green called "Tile Green", and the other, probably more likely given the name similarity, is an auto paint color they made called "Brewster Green", and folks,

I am NOT going to buy aged brass hardware to go with Brewster green and a black pickguard...


Well I've gotten fuck-all done work-wise so far today, but I did find out about "Montana Gold" spray paints, which are marketed to taggers and come in a million lovely colors, including this one, which looks like a strong contender.

Bonus points: their paint is Iacquer, and a hell of a lot easier to obtain than chasing down old DuPont/PPG color codes and trying to find a paint shop who can mix them. (It also seems that the sale and/or use of automotive lacquer is no longer allowed in many states)

Paint ordered, sadly there don't seem to be any brick-and-mortar stores anywhere even remotely near me that actually stock the stuff. Fingers crossed that it's not wildly different than a sampling of online RGB swatches appear.

Hmm, order got canceled, guess they didn't have it in stock after all. Found it cheaper elsewhere anyway, and took the opportunity to get a can of "Olive Green" as well. Maybe a tad on the yellow side, and definitely lighter than the looks-black-in-some-conditions platonic ideal, but I'm a little worried that "Military Green" will be too blue/gray IRL.

I don't imagine it's possible to evenly mist one color over another. It's been a long time since I did any kind of real-attention-to-detail spraying, and that was with a proper spraying rig. :blobthinking:

Slowly gathering finishing supplies. Ran out of steam and daylight today, but I intend to at least get the headstock cut out and sand everything tomorrow. It really won't need much (apart from whatever butchery I do to the headstock), it's quite smooth already

Did not get to the headstock the other day, I'm fighting a battle on two fronts:

1) I really need to put in a solid amount of time to clean out and re-claim what little "workshop" area I have so I can access and safely use my little bandsaw

2) I greatly under-estimated the number of finishing supplies I'd be able to obtain via local brick-and-mortar means. Hard getting up a head of steam when I know I'll have to stop and wait on X, Y or Z

The 'Montana Gold' spray paint just arrived, and if the color sample on the can top is accurate then Military Green is gonna be 💯 for an old school "Brewster Green Dark" look.

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@thermous it's not really her style at all but every time I see the St. Vincent signature guitar it just screams SHRED MACHINE

If I could play worth a damn, I'd play that.


@dustin yeah, definitely one of those styles that takes some gumption to pull off

(My inner 13-year old still kind of likes a good old B.C. Rich Warlock)


@thermous triple pick ups what does it mean?!?!


@jauntywunderkind420 Yeah, I've never been enough of a guitarist to take advantage of all the sonic possibilities of two pickups, let alone 3. But my strat has 3 pickups and I've found that the middle one works pretty well when you blend it with the neck or the bridge, makes the overall tone fatter if that's what you're after.

@thermous But...

Aged brass Bigsby.

Just talking to myself here.

@clock yeah, I had that thought too 👀

In any event, it seems like the going price for a complete aged brass set of hardware + tuners is nearly twice what I paid for the dang kit, so until I get the thing assembled and see if the basswood body is even worth upgrading pickups etc on, I'm content to put it in the "If someday I do a scratch build, or at least a parts build, with a proper ash or alder body, *then* maybe I'll splurge" mental bin

@thermous It's good to have a detailed list of things like that for later projects, I find. I've got...uh...more than a few.


@dustin ah they took the listing down and I didn't save pics of the actual instrument, but it's one of these Epiphone dots, otherwise unremarkable except for its condition (has basically lived unplayed in its case for 10 years if the provenance is to be believed) and the color, which they only made for one year. 😎


@dustin oh my 👀

This is a deceptively complex color, difficult to photograph accurately (especially in bright sun/against a green wall) but you get the gist.

I haven't even plugged it in yet (other than a few minutes at the shop) but it's got hella sustain.

I mean I guess I pretty much *have* to properly learn Everlong now

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