Well, shit. TIL Bearsville Studios closed in 2004 and turned into a private residence. A lot of good stuff was recorded there.


Speaking of Bearsville, have I raved about Foghat here yet? Because they were one of the best straight-up rock bands of the 70s, and it's unfortunate that the only thing anyone knows them for is Slow Ride and *maybe* Fool For the City.

Lonesome Dave Peverett (RIP) had such a singular voice. and Rod Price (RIP) was a monster on slide guitar.

My all-time favorite Foghat album has got to be "Stone Blue," which captured them at the absolute height of their game, IMO:


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@thermous Foghat Live was in the collection as a teen. Cousin had the Rock and Roll album that for years I called Stone and Bun 😁

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