Okay, so, uh, yeah, there's nothing stopping someone from running nextcloud server locally on debian on pinephone, if that's a thing someone wanted to do for some reason...

cc @requiem

with a wireguard connection back to a machine with a static ip and some proxy services running, you could probably host a lot of stuff live from your pocket, if you were so inclined.

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@djsundog I was thinking about this a lot after your earlier post; for the last six months my development workflow has been "remote IDE with X11 on a RPi4," and, like.... why not just dev against a device I have with me almost all the time anyway? (I mean, I'm sure performance would leave a lot to be desired for remote windowed stuff, but for running a headless web dev stack? Pretty cool)

@thermous @djsundog I feel like the main issue would be battery life.

@operand @djsundog yeah, you'd definitely want a power source. Also from what I understand, microSD cards aren't great for heavy read/write activity. When I began using an RPi as a dev machine, I fried the SD card after 2 or 3 months. Since then I'm using an external HDD for the OS and file storage.

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