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Concept: a band called 'Cygnus' where all the members dress up like the humanoid crew members in 'The Black Hole'

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Counselor: Gen-X midlife crisis hotline, how can I help

Me: I’ve been comparison shopping practice amps again

Estimated delivery: Tuesday.

Current status: looking up YouTube “intro to bass for guitar players” videos and already annoyed by one self-appointed YouTube bass celebrity whose whole schtick is posting “the make and/or model you did a search for SUCKS???” Outragebait videos with themselves making incredibly punchable faces on the title cards

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the internet and culture in general has been ruined by the proliferation of best-of/worst-of lists.

On closer inspection, it appears to be one of the new-this-year humbucker models :ahhhhhhh:

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help me find an old movie with no details; boosts very welcome 

the other thing to consider is that if you see this movie, you don't think memorable or gory or monster; you think boring. There is a possibility it's CanCon from the time, which will make things more difficult. I wish I knew.

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Shout out to bands who use their metronome precision to repeat the same bar *just* enough times to make me get up and see if the record is skipping

oh shit, lowball offer accepted, I guess I just bought a squier jagbass 👀

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Welp, I just made a lowball offer on a used bass. It will almost certainly be rejected and I’ll almost certainly be able to resist a counter offer, but it’s worth a shot. (And maybe it’ll get me off of my own ass to offload some unused gear so I can actually justify acquiring things like used basses)

Had been thinking about this iconic LP cover of my kidhood as a new avatar, but there's too much detail

A Gen X status report:

"And remember. We're Gen X. We didn't ask you. We never ever ask you."

(Tip o' the hat to @sng on this one.)

I was just fooling around a little bit with code-server (VScode) and yeah, that’s a pretty neat trick but there is zero chance that, in a couple of years when everyone is coding remotely over http, there aren’t going to be a *shit ton* of security breaches, because how many devs do you know who could be arsed enough to set up letsencrypt or whatever

“I’ll just run it on port 8080 like this medium article showed me”

just thinking about that time Bob Mould, Jason Narducy, and Jon Wurster rocked so hard that they shook dust off the rafters of the Ed Sullivan Theater

It is genuinely upsetting how long it's been since Tom Waits' last album :blobsad:

gen-x complaining about my elders *and* kids these days 

When I was a kid and Walkman-style portable cassette players became a thing, grown-ups were constantly complaining about how anti-social it was that the youts always had headphones on.

If you ask me that’s *far* less antisocial than subjecting everyone within a 100 foot radius of you to a Bluetooth speaker

I feel like if you don't like Freddie Mercury then I can pretty much disregard anything you say

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