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This is in no way intended to dismiss the considerable talents of Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, but there is something very funny to me about a craigslist post for an ELP tribute band looking for a keyboard player

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Concept: a band called 'Cygnus' where all the members dress up like the humanoid crew members in 'The Black Hole'

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Counselor: Gen-X midlife crisis hotline, how can I help

Me: I’ve been comparison shopping practice amps again

Old enough to remember when they were called Green Jellö smdh

The timeless purgatory of instrumental soft jazz fusion hold music

2021 musician death I just heard about 

...sometimes those "quietly existing
on your cultural radar for your entire life" passings hit hardest.

I'm a little afraid to look up Mason Williams now 😬

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2021 musician death I just heard about 

... unprepared for how hard that hit me. I'm not even super familiar with his catalog but he was such an interesting cat, one of those people who you're glad is in the world.

(The Monkees were a favorite when I was a little kid watching too much UHF TV in the early 1980s, and at the time I had no sense of it being an artifact from nearly 20s before)

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2021 musician death I just heard about 

Oh fucking hell, Mike Nesmith died last December? :blobsad: :blobsad: :blobsad:

@thermous I regret to inform you that the Curve bandcamp page has the entire catalog and a dozen or so soundboard bootlegs!

... not sure if Curve is popularly thought of as shoegaze, although they're definitely adjacent, and they definitely fell into the same 'that's not my type of music/I'm not cool enough to listen to that' category

I never owned or dubbed a copy of Doppelgänger when I was in school, but Horrorhead haunted my memory persistently enough that I bought it a few years later.

The whole album is *so good*

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when you realize that the debugging code you added to figure out what's causing a 500 error is also causing a 500 error :sunglasses_cry:

shoegaze wasn't huge among my college chums, but it was around enough for me to hear it.

In retrospect, I actually dug it quite a bit, but the two things that prevented me from getting big into it were

1) Lingering teenage "but I don't like *that* kind of music, I like *this* kind of music" headassery
2) Not feeling cool enough

As "lead-off tracks on debut albums" go, it's hard to think of one much stronger than Keep Yourself Alive

Always fun when your computer won’t boot because your /home partition is messed up

fsck did it’s thing and left a handful of fragments in lost+found, so 🤷‍♂️

Odds of them being from the 800 million JavaScript package files are in my favor

feels like there should be a particular term for "the track on the greatest hits album that only came out a year before the greatest hits album"

the main thing about getting older is knowing lots of shit which nobody cares about anymore

MA and NH friends! I will be DJing this Saturday the 3rd of September at Fragile State Market, a vintage clothing and accessories market in the extremely cool Mill No 5 in Lowell, Mass! Also performing is Kid Renaissance with his live band, excellent r&b. There’s also a canned food drive—come by!

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Soderberg's nearly unreleased and burred biopic/zombie flick Kafka was been re-edited in to something called Mr. Kneff and is being re-released?

Alternate timeline where bluetooth and earbuds were never invented

✋ quiet quitting
👉 robert fripping

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