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Concept: a band called 'Cygnus' where all the members dress up like the humanoid crew members in 'The Black Hole'

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Counselor: Gen-X midlife crisis hotline, how can I help

Me: I’ve been comparison shopping practice amps again

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Now spinning the Rhino "Louder than God: The Best of Blue Cheer" compilation.

One of those bands whose influence I *appreciate*, but I don't see myself actively reaching for it. Not a keeper.

Listening to Blue Öyster Cult's "Agents of Fortune" and feeling that vague guilt I feel when a band just completely outdoes itself on that one stand-out track, and I'm lukewarm about the rest of the album by comparison

I mean, (Don't Fear) The Reaper almost sounds like a different band than the rest of the tracks.

Not a keeper (although I'd definitely grab a 45 of 'Reaper if I encountered one)

"Baby" as a rock lyric has not aged well, but "Mama" is even worse

Boston (1976) is another strong contender for 70's zeitgeist encapsulation, although it's maybe a little more niche, like "Perfect encapsulation of a dude with David Cassidy hair, wearing cut-off jean shorts and whie tube socks with the colored stripes at the top, washing his Trans-Am in the driveway" - which I mean in an 100% positive way

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Also, who the fuck am I kidding, no way I'm getting rid of my lake placid blue strat unless maybe I get my hands on an 1987 American standard fender just like uncle Bob's

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I can't think of a CD-era release with album art more deserving of the 12" LP sleeve treatment. (Although looking on discogs I see Ryko did actually release this on vinyl in 1994, and it can actually be had pretty cheap)

I remembered the other day that, while in-between permanent residences in 2002-2003, I had bought a pristine FU:EL promo poster on eBay, and the way these things sometimes happen, it's been in its mailing tube ever since. I just dug it out of the attic and I gotta frame it and figure out where the hell in this house I can find enough empty wall space to put it up

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@djsundog I'm not gonna go back and find the "Songs with an epic cowbell intro" thread but this gem from this under-appreciated album certainly belongs in it

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That third harmony on the 'Run for the shadows' line of Golden Years, tho

Imagine listening to side B of 'A Night At The Opera' for the first time, if you had somehow managed not to head Bohemian Rhapsody already

I mean, they lead off with The Prophet Song and nobody would blame you for thinking that was the money track, and that it would be gentle coasting to the end of the record


..."Born Again", in the other hand, well... I love Ian Gillan his signature screaming, but it is really A Lot on this album. Not a keeper.

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Now spinning the cut-out copy of George Harrison's "Somewhere in England" (1981) that I purchased for a couple of bucks from the bargain bin at Caldor probably some time circa 1987-88.

I didn't listen to this a lot and I think 'All Those Years Ago' was the only hit. I'm appreciating it better now, I think it's a keeper.

My unfamiliarity with Black Sabbath's catalog is one of those weird gaps; based on all of the other stuff I grew up listening to, Sabbath should have been right in there with the Deep Purple, Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc.

Chalk it up to my brother not being into them for whatever reason.

Anyway, I have a ton of Sabbath LPs that I'm pretty sure belonged to my friend Manny, now spinning 'Sabotage' as continues.


Shit, why didn't I buy that mint copy of The Rutles LP like 10 years ago, it wasn't even expensive

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