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Concept: a band called 'Cygnus' where all the members dress up like the humanoid crew members in 'The Black Hole'

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Counselor: Gen-X midlife crisis hotline, how can I help

Me: I’ve been comparison shopping practice amps again

Cool how the experience of both the modern web and mobile apps is a non-stop barrage of pop-up nag and confirmation windows

My discogs waitlist plus being in a record store that makes it’s inventory searchable online is a wonderful and dangerous combination


Or maybe not, depending on how pear-shaped things have gone with the delta variant a week from now 👹

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totally reasonable for a node package to need to download literally 35000 dependencies

jesus christ can you *imagine* what Zappa would be doing with today's digital music tools :blobsad:

:spends an hour wondering why the fuck this nginx server block isn't working and not creating any logs:

:double-checks the IP address:


If I had a time machine, *this* is the sort of thing I'd use it for

tfw you wonder who the hot musicians are on an album and find the wrecking crew again

I guess I’ll try sanding just the shitty spots down to bare wood and see if I can redo just those areas. The nitro does seem quite forgiving in that respect.

I blame the primer, which I did read some complaints about on tdrp (but also read enough “worked fine for me” posts to go with it.) lifted right down to the shellac, it’s bullshit

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Just bought tix to see Tuba Skinny in August, which will be the first live show I've gone to since... fall of 2018?! 😭

Underrated Zappa album that I have not listened to in way too long:

The Man From Utopia

I just merged about 15 months' worth of code by 3 different devs with zero conflicts or broken tests, so I've got that going for me

Minecraft allows one to live out a number of unrealistic fantasies, for example sleeping peacefully through the night & waking up at dawn every morning

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