It's been awhile so I am back to spam your TL with another Who album writeup!

We have finally reached a live album, which is "Live at Leeds." It was recorded on February 14, 1970 and released on May 23, 1970 [50 years to the day, and I swear I did not do this intentionally!! Seriously!].

I've mentioned this in a previous post, but the live setlist from this time is my favorite. The original album was only 6 tracks and didn't have any of the "Tommy" songs, so for the sake of this commentary I am going to discuss the 2001 reissue as it is the entire set [].

The set starts with "Heaven and Hell" which was written and sung by John. There's a bit of warmup and then BOOM. It starts and it just hits you in the face. I love that.

After that we have a good mix of the earlier singles and cover songs. "Young Man Blues," and "Fortune Teller" are the two covers that come before the "Tommy" songs.

The entirety of "Tommy" is played, because what's a story if you don't have the whole thing? All of those tracks are great live, but I'm partial to "Sparks" as I mentioned in the "Tommy" post.

After "Tommy," we have "Summertime Blues" [which is my favorite cover, sorry Eddie Cochran] and there's also "Shakin' All Over." They close out the show with "My Generation" and "Magic Bus."

Okay so, "My Generation" on here is not at all the same as the 3:18 original release. It's a 16 minute medley of the original track, solos, some of the "Tommy" music, and ends with this awesome heavy fusion. If you're only going to listen to a single track, let it be this one.

The set ends with "Magic Bus," which is also nothing like the original single. I absolutely love this version and can't listen to the original release as a result. It's really bluesy and fun. A perfect way to end the set for sure.

@sunflowers I didn't even know I had this one in my collection, but I do - queueing it up now!

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