I'm rewatching The Sopranos and if you've never seen it, the track choices are spot on. There is an episode where they show the FBI doing sketchy shit and play a mashup of the Peter Gunn theme song and "Every Breath You Take." It really is 👍🏼

I also really love the bass intro on "Journey to the End of the East Bay" by Rancid.

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Listening to my pop punk playlist reminds me of being in 6th/7th grade and trying to record cassettes when songs were on the radio. It used to make me so mad when the DJ would talk during the beginning or end of the song (god the end was so infuriating).

Here is some Chicago pop punk from 2002 to brighten your day: open.spotify.com/album/1t2IVj2

They were on Drive-Thru records at their peak. That label was 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 for awhile.

It makes me sad that the most popular Daddy Yankee song on Apple Music is not only "Despacito," but the remix with Justin Bieber 🤮

I started listening to "Green-Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf because I really love that song, but then I felt guilty that I don't know anything else by them.

Went to Wikipedia, found out their only other popular song was called "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" and it says "The song uses a guitar melody from the Beatles hit, "I Feel Fine" (which is also alluded to in the lyric, "sounds like John, Paul, and George") as well as a riff of Stevie Wonder's hit, 'Superstition.'" That sounds promising.

It's 5:30am and I can't sleep. I'm scrolling through the albums in my library and playing a random mix. "Porcelain" by Moby hit the spot though. It personifies how I feel right now.

I also intend on watching "Clueless," which has a party scene where The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are the band. I already watched "10 Things I Hate About You" and both Letters to Cleo and Save Ferris are in that one. I really miss how often ska was featured in teen movies in the 90s. Can we bring that back?

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Today is a movie day but a few of the movies are music-related.

The lead off movie of the day was "The Kids Are Alright" (1979) - link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kids. It's a film about The Who, made up of interviews, live shows, and other footage. The name comes from the song of the same name on their debut album from 1965. It has been a favorite of mine since high school.

The second music related movie is "The Blues Brothers." I had gotten the DVD in high school that was the director's cut, and I can't watch the theatrical version anymore. It took awhile to be able to find the extended cut on Blu-ray but I did at some point while I was in college. I'm sure everyone at least knows who they are from SNL if they haven't seen the movie, but I especially love this one because I also love all of the artists with cameos. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles... all greats. I actually am on the scene where they get pulled over and take off. Fun fact: they get pulled over down the street from my house 😀

I'm going to end the marathon with "The Who Live at the Isle of Wight" - link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_. It's (obv) a live show, from August 1970. The 1969-1970 shows were my favorite of their set lists/shows. Later in the 70s they got more advanced with all their laser stuff and whatnot, but their set list from this time had a lot of the bluesy covers they'd do mixed in with their originals, and I love it. Keith was also at his height, and with Keith doing well their sound was just perfect.

I don't even know when I last heard it, but I woke up with "Fame" by David Bowie stuck in my head.

- I just started playing Axis: Bold as Love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. I really love this album, it's really chill and upbeat and I can use that given the circumstances.

They play with the stereo effects quite a bit, fading out from side to side, so it's especially good for stoned listening lol.

I'd list my favorite tracks but in all honesty I love them all for different reasons.

The last track is "Bold as Love" and it's one of my favorite album finishers. It just really rounds it out.


:frankZappa: I love the Frank Zappa emojis here :zappaStache:

I have this playlist called "Bailaaaaa 90s" and I think that'll be what I play this evening. Everything has been so blah and stressful for a week now, I need something to move to and break out of it. If anyone has Apple Music, here is the link to it.



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