After some test runs with my GameCube HDMI adapter earlier, I've now got the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack stuck in my head. Say what you will about the Adventure games but you gotta admit they had stellar music.

...kinda hard to try sleeping with the Metal Harbor theme on loop in your mind though >.>

It feels good to be playing music from a CD again. This Merge Records sampler came with my physical oarder of All Hail West Texas

Today I listened to the album "I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas".

After hearing all the covers already from the IOLTTMG podcast, it was nice to go back and listen to all of them in one sitting in the album format. Now I need to do the same with the original "All Hail West Texas" and listen to more Mountain Goats since this podcast was my first taste of their work (besides the one time one of their songs was used as the Night Vale weather which I don't even actually remember but went ahead and checked the WTNV wiki to see if it had been done)

You want some live Jazz from one of our own?

Here's @hairylarry and the Bebop Beatniks rockin' a few days ago.

It's fun and funky.

I know this instance is supposed to be about *recorded* music, but it inspired me to finally break my cornet (the trumpet's mellower brother, we used them interchangeably back in my middle school band days) back out. While I can't play it right now because sleeping family but I can at least clean it and make sure everything's greased and oiled correctly. Speaking of which, I still have a bottle of valve oil from when I first got my horn 11 years ago. Shows you how much I've actually played it since getting out of middle school XD

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