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🏰 We are proud to reveal today 'Arcanes & Sortilèges', the new album of the French medieval black metal band #Darkenhöld !

Listen to the full album here on #Bandcamp ➡️

⚠️ To support musicians and labels during Covid-19, Bandcamp are indeed waiving again their revenue share on all sales.

Order the album and some new merch ➡️

Artwork by Claudine Vrac (oil painting)

#blackmetal #ladlo #nantes #medievalblackmetal #frenchblackmetal

Well, another #bandcampfriday is here! I don't have anything new this time around, but if you like #acoustic / #instrumental / #banjo #music, you should check out my projects at and follow @magicians.

#fediversemusic @musicians

Ever since I got my first Raspberry Pi however many years ago, I have periodically gone looking to see if anyone had used one to build a true heterodyne theremin, and until last night all that ever came up were the various optical/ultrasonic "theremins" people have built. I put together an ultrasonic circuit with a breadboard a couple of years ago and it was really cool, but not really usable as an actual instrument.

Jasper Taylor came up with a theremin circuit that's so simple even *I* can almost read it; it uses software to mix the oscillator signals and synthesize an audio signal, which means the DSP possibilities are basically endless once the circuit is in place. He came up a clever optional hack that enables the use of a couple of onboard clocks instead of external components for the oscillators, and also a clever way to use the antennae to toggle settings (as implemented there are no external controls.)

Really clever and (to my layman's eyes) elegant. And works on a Pi Zero. I do not *need* to build one of these (I have a very nice theremin already) but I'm probably going to attempt it. #theremin #raspberrypi

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