A Free ‘Beer Can Drum Kit’

"Free Sample Library: Caelum Audio has shared the Beer Can Drum Kit – a free collection of 31 weird and wonderful .wavs, made entirely from flicking, tapping, shaking, crunching and dropping a cold, crispy can of beer, and then processing the resulting sounds."


Estas Tonne's latest release is a 30-minute-long live track with percussions. It still has the usual contemplative vibe, but it's also quite frantic at times, and catchy as hell.



In case you missed it - I've made a 28-minute tutorial introducing basic concepts of sound synthesis using 100% libre software. Someone even called it a masterclass :D
#unfa #FOSS #Vital #Vitalium #SoundDesign #SoundSynthesis #Audio #AudioProduction #OpenSource

Black metal and other darkness label Les Acteurs de l'Ombre is offering all their catalogue as name-your-price today on Bandcamp, enjoy: ladlo.bandcamp.com

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