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Hey there. This is my second Masto-account (after @noizz). I've decided to make a separate place for my posts and other music-related stuff, so here I am. The intention is to regularly share some music I enjoy and at the same time, hopefully, discover new interesting sounds with your help.

So feel free to visit or follow and if you enjoy anything I post and think there is something I could like don't hesitate to let me know in the comments :)

I'm going to have to do a massive article on the music of mastodon at some point, would anyone be interested in that? It'd be really cool to bring all the work on here together into a kind of scene.

New Ep released today, Nova Ember.
Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

@switchingsocial Any alternatives to Spotify's algorithms to find new music for you based on what you listen to?

This is a super fun software synthesis toy:

Looks like it would be pretty helpful for anyone trying to get started with soft synth programming.

Does anyone know how to contact

The site got hacked (now occasionally serves spam links, and does who knows what else), and their contact form was taken down.

(I hate to start a boost chain, but this is somewhat important. #pleaseboost)

This is the most amazing website I've ever seen. Learn how a synthesizer works:

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