some more experiments with #processing #p5 - here is a #generative modular synthesizer. work in progress. different on every refresh.

check it out live here:

In case you missed it, I have made a video explaining what is Impulse Response reverb and showing how you can do amazing and unique things with it. Of course I use free and libre software :)
#unfa #SoundDesign #Audio

🎤 I am planning to make some videos testing various audio interfaces with Linux, focusing on "bedroom producers". 🎵

However - I need YOU to answer a few questions before I can begin my work.

Your input will help me choose devices to buy. Please take some time to research the options - there's a lot that you may have not heard about, that could present great value.

PS: Feel free to boost this toot :)

#unfa #Linux #MusicProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware

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