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Hey there. This is my second Masto-account (after @noizz). I've decided to make a separate place for my posts and other music-related stuff, so here I am. The intention is to regularly share some music I enjoy and at the same time, hopefully, discover new interesting sounds with your help.

So feel free to visit or follow and if you enjoy anything I post and think there is something I could like don't hesitate to let me know in the comments :)

Hyperesthesia is a non-profit project that I created with the idea and the illusion of being able to collaborate with people from all over the world, giving more importance to this than to the musical quality (although we try to do it the best possible). Listen to us and send me a message if you would like to collaborate. Music, noise and unity.

Sorry for my terrible english, im trying to learn it. 😎

#drone #ambient #noise #ritual #music collaborations

Hi! Im new here! I want to meet people around drone/ambient/ritual/industrial music to share music and talk about It, proyects...🎹

***Lazarski's Guide to Disturbing Music***


In this thread: a list of my top 13 most disturbing albums / artists / releases

Laurel Halo - Quarantine (2012)

In many ways similar to OPN's Replica but with the struggle against the dehumanising effects of technology more apparent in the eerie, jarring vocal play Halo uses.

The album sounds like a weeping holographic woman in a dead world trying to form sentences and failing.

The horror of it increases with each listen even now, seven years after its release.

caught behind a wall of tears / distorted liquid image of you / the signal keeps cutting out but one thing is clear / nothing grows in my heart there is no one here

Time for some fun: NAPALM DEATH appearing on a 'Musical Education Programme' for children on BBC TV back in 1989.
#grindcore #education

lmfao i love the picture for Darkthrone on right now

I have a patreon!

all posts will be public and there are no benefits of giving me money, but like you can if you want to.

I will be using this instead of soundcloud to publish wip music and stuff like that.

Arty jazz-doom-trad metal from Italy, with beautiful singing and killer riffs. So good!

Messa - Feast for Water

#jazz #doom #metal #np #nowplaying #fediplay #bandcamp

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Thx again to @darius for creating the tool that enables me to follow my favorite sites.


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