Linux Audio Conference starting tomorrow (over BigBlueButton): -- looks like a bunch of interesting presentations!

A guide to “negative-decadent” youth subcultures in 1980s East Germany, as compiled by the Stasi, with English translation:

If you are not already fed up of my weird taste in music, grab your headphones and join the first episode of the “unpopular stream”: An hour-long curated non-mainstream sounds from witch house to dark ambient and every genre in between!

We’re planning to stream this series every 3rd Friday of the month (today!) at 20:00 UTC on

btw, I'm available for #musictheory lessons both in English and German on Jitsi, Skype or BigBlueButton (whatever works best for you).

My timezone is UTC +1.

German is my native language, so I'm more comfortable there, but I've been partnered with an American for close to 7 years, so I'm pretty confident in English, too. My existing teaching material is in German, though.

I made a livecoding/algorave netlabel, reach me if ya interested 👀

Nice collection of #diy arduino based music gear. I'll need to dig through this list and build something, as there is some stuff I wanted to design myself

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