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Been listening to UMA again today and yesterday:

! - - Don't watch this vid - - !
! - if you're trypanophobic - !


Always a sucker for achingly-miserable-but-totally-okay-with-humanity-when-i'm-dancing kinda dance beats.

I'm teaching about #Audacity for the first time tomorrow, so I've got two questions for you:

* Which is the feature you think everyone should know about?
* What is a rad public-domain / CC audio recording we should use?

#floss #audio

Our new album is finally finished!

With us, you can journey through a fogscape of shifting modal textures punctuated with melodies that transform though myriad hues until you reach ultimate oblivion.

Fun, right?

I hope you enjoy!


#music #mastomusic #psychedelic #ambient #AmbientGuitar #ModularSynth #drone #soundscape #minimalism #CyclicMusic #narrative

I know I know some song by the Moffs, like something that would pop up on Rage sometimes, but not this one. And this one's really good.


Picked up a fun album recently - Six to Six, a jazz-funk album recorded in Australia in the 70s by anonymous Japanese jazz musicians and an anonymous Mauritian singer. Got reissued last year by Melbourne’s Northside Records. hiroshiandclaudia.bandcamp.com #fediplay

I guess I forgot to listen to Kala, but I'm enjoying it now :)

So the other week I accidento deleted all my Tumblrs! But thanks to and old backup and the RSS feed I'm reconstructing my music one using Textpattern. Never used it before, but digging it more than Wordpress. The forms things are really cool!

Anyway this means I'm listening to old things so here's some Ito Chieri:


RRR has an interesting (22-minute) interview with veteran Melbourne post-punk/minimal synthpop musician Karen Marks, about the early-80s scene and her recently rereleased 1981 EP “Cold Café”:


Yesssssssssss my Hailu Mergia records are here.

(These 4 LP bundle off this page: hailumergia.bandcamp.com/album)

So fucking good.

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