I guess I forgot to listen to Kala, but I'm enjoying it now :)

So the other week I accidento deleted all my Tumblrs! But thanks to and old backup and the RSS feed I'm reconstructing my music one using Textpattern. Never used it before, but digging it more than Wordpress. The forms things are really cool!

Anyway this means I'm listening to old things so here's some Ito Chieri:


RRR has an interesting (22-minute) interview with veteran Melbourne post-punk/minimal synthpop musician Karen Marks, about the early-80s scene and her recently rereleased 1981 EP “Cold Café”:


Yesssssssssss my Hailu Mergia records are here.

(These 4 LP bundle off this page: hailumergia.bandcamp.com/album)

So fucking good.

Toots tagged with or are displayed on pouet.audio/ along with a convenient music player. It's rad.

@xyzzy @Altruest

Yuko Asano (浅野 ゆう子) has an album called Yuka In Disco that I Iisten to a bit that's pretty alright if you want something more 70s-disco and less city pop.

Other ones in my J-disco playlist are kinda songs picked out from albums rather than whole albs: Haruko Kuwana (桑名晴子), Himiko Kikuchi (菊池ひみこ), Noriko Miyamoto (宮本典子), Rajie (ラジ) album Love Heart is mostly disco, Takako Mamiya (間宮貴子), and 2 of my faves Yoko Oginome's Dancing Hero and Send Me Your Feelings by Terumasa Hino :)

Sometimes I go back through my music blog...

Usually pause at this cover of The Easybeats' Wedding Ring by the Sports


One of those bands that if you hear their stuff it's real clean and poppy, but live stuff is .. like a real band. I mean if that video's anything to go by.

Get kinda Elvis Costello vibes from some of the songs (and vocal performance), but then some times he seems to be singing like James Reyne.

A fan of this song too, Strangers on a Train:


This week I kept getting Slow Hand on loop in my head when I had gardening work.

Have to retag a Japanese 18 disc box set. Fun weekend.

Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.


or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

i made a standalone website for my noise stuff, finally. using this instead of soundcloud/bandcamp. it helps that i settled on a name after years of flitting around (casu marza, dreaded object, precious snout).



Fuckin love it so far. Maybe fave track is 'Living Everyday' by Tee Mac. Got the dirtiest bass (Sol Simon Oshijo—gotta look him up) and a real sexy dancefloor song in general.


Anyway, my Zombie-Chang CD arrived, so time to share:

We Should Kiss:

モナリザ (trans.: Mona Lisa):

Going through my tapes

Forgot about this one

Marvin Gaye, Savage in the Sack


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