* Some artist I've never heard of is playing my favorite venue.
* Let's give it a listen.
* WooooOOoOooOOOoooh! Crazy stuff! Who's that? Mary Halvorson? Never heard of her.
* Oh she played with (former/part-time drummer for Secret Chiefs 3 and Xiu Xiu). Well that explains everything.
* Oh she played with Trevor Dunn! Well that explains everything. Dunn

Really cool Trey Spruance interview on the Vinyl Guide podcast.


The second part is already available for Patreons. They talk a lot about my favorite album of all time (Disco Volante if you haven't guessed it yet). patreon.com/vinylguide

Note: The interview was done before the Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny tour announcement.

50 years! Probably about the same amount of time it will take for a new Secret Chiefs 3 album to come out, give or take.

"Happy 50 the birthday TREY SPRUANCE!"


Sunday night listening: Secret Chiefs 3 () – Perichoresis

I was so disappointed when it came out. I had been waiting for an Ishraqiyun album for years and all I got is barely 40min & just 6 songs, almost all of which had been played live for a decade or so. Definitely not enough to satisfy my appetite.

This being said all of these songs are absolutely killer.

So the disc of the new is pretty solid, if you liked Xaphan chances are you'll love this one.

On a side note, it's probably time I listen to _any_ of the 10 other discs.

also just released a new geek pack & an Halloween EP.

The EP is just 3 versions of their cover of 's Halloween. The first version came out on a 7" in 2007.

SC3 is one of my favorite bands ever but I am so tired of hearing the same songs over and over again.

I have been feeling like this for years now. When Book of Souls finally came out in 2013 after countless delays (first LP in 9 years, or 5 if you count the Masada album commissioned by Zorn) I was so disappointed: although it's a very good album, it's only 39min long & many songs had already been released on 7' and/or had been played live for almost ten years.



plays in Europe tour dates.

Sadly no date anywhere even remotely near my place.

There's a fan-made SoundCloud page that collects all remixes made from the "geek pack" released by last year. soundcloud.com/sc3musicapracti

The geek pack can be purchased on Bandcamp: secretchiefsthree.bandcamp.com

Speaking of : sometimes reminds me of a much, much smoother version of playing .

I would love to hear her playing some Masada. Please let John know.

Subtropic Arkestra: The best thing about this kind of albums is that for the avid listener, they act as a gateway towards new musical horizons. The biggest such gateway for me probably was


I didn't know that there were bootlegs on ! Did you?
There are quite a few bootlegs including archive.org/details/sc32000-06 which has a better sound quality (or almost) than Eyes of Flesh & archive.org/details/SC32012-10 where they play stuff at the Stone, a venue founded by .

Seen elsewhere about – Book M:
"This is my personal favourite release from the band. A seriously dense mix of Bollywood, ethio-funk, drum n bass, metal, surf, spaghetti western score type stuff. Amazing that one group of players can do all of that amazingly well. "

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