John Zorn hasn't received any money from Pledge Music for Book Beriah sales:

"Thanks everyone! We at Tzadik are delighted that you have received your orders and that you are all enjoying the music so much. This was a labor of love for us. It took years to put together and we spared no expense on making a package that was beautiful, elegant and special.

Unfortunately we have not been paid. Not one cent. We are hoping that Pledge will somehow bounce back and honor its committments—but in the meantime we are initiating a new limited edition vinyl series to help Tzadik get back on track. The manufacturers, designers and distributors are all donating their services to help us and we are hoping that you, our fans, will pitch in and support what we do by purchasing these special vinyl titles. More information will be forthcoming. Please spread the word—and thanks as always for your continued support. With warm wishes and many thanks – John Zorn"

So the disc of the new is pretty solid, if you liked Xaphan chances are you'll love this one.

On a side note, it's probably time I listen to _any_ of the 10 other discs.

plays in Europe tour dates.

Sadly no date anywhere even remotely near my place.

I know I'm going to buy the new . It's just a matter of time.

I really want to listen to the new .

On the other hand, it's an 11-CD boxset that costs 75 bucks. That's both more than what I want to listen to & more than what I want to spend.

That's the price for the digital download, mind you, and I'm not even sure it's available in a lossless format. 🤔

Speaking of : sometimes reminds me of a much, much smoother version of playing .

I would love to hear her playing some Masada. Please let John know.

I didn't know that there were bootlegs on ! Did you?
There are quite a few bootlegs including which has a better sound quality (or almost) than Eyes of Flesh & where they play stuff at the Stone, a venue founded by .