Faith No More just announced they will be playing my city in July!!! Finally! Am a big fan since 92 but never got the chance to see them 😀

I was about to start my yearly read of Adrian Harte's Small Victories, but after listening to latest episode I think I'll read Doug Esper's book on Chuck Mosley first.

I really hope I'll finally get to see Faith No More live in 2020 but I have no idea how I'll manage. They won't be playing anywhere near where I live and due to some other constraints it won't be easy to get some time off during their European tour in June.

Interesting, Infectious Grooves (with former guitarist Jim Martin) will be playing at on the same day as Faith No More. I'd love to see Big Jim playing a couple of songs with FNM but I guess the chances of that happening are rather slim.

Also according to the press release, "more European festival performances [are] to be announced soon."

Looks like Faith No More will make some kind of announcement on Tuesday.

Also that FTP was curated. Anyways. Not all is bad: Trevor's just reopened his website and the infamous Q&A section and we've been really spoiled on the Faith No More front (a first class book, an extensive podcast, several websites made by very dedicated fans, etc). Hopefully things will evolve in a good way thanks to the reunion.

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reading his lyrics for "Falling To Pieces" (). Used as partial narrative for Rodrigo Marín's 2011 short film 'Mala Onda 20 años', paying homage to the 20th anniversary of Alberto Fuguet's 1991 novel, titled 'Mala Onda'.

If I remember correctly, one of the characters in Mala Onda is based on Mike Patton.

Podcast Croissant is a great podcast for anyone interested in . Their latest installment is about FNM's BBC sessions and is almost four hours (!) long.

I discovered when I was a kid, thanks to my older brother. He had three of their albums; Angel Dust which had just come out, the Real Thing and Introduce Yourself. I absolutely loved Angel Dust, and also liked the Real Thing, but Introduce Yourself didn't interested me at all (because of ). Fast forward twenty years later... FNM's always been one of my favorite bands, but I hadn't listened to their first two LPs until a few years ago. Well guess what... They're so effing good! I really enjoy them. Definitely more than the Real Thing or Sol Invictus. Thumbs up for Chuck's out-of-tune singing and his punk attitude. 👍

Lying on my new couch and watching some old videos. Great way to spend a Thursday evening.

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