Oh my! Not sure who's crazier: , who composed this piece, or the guy who learned to play it on the piano. Either way the weekend's off to a great start!

– Desert Search for Techno Allah [piano cover]

OH MY GOD he's covered a lot of good stuff

There's a Patreon page at

I'm seriously considering giving him ALL my money RIGHT NOW.

@rgggn Trey is a genius ;-)

The piano cover is awesome! Reminds me of this cover:

@nielsim He sure is! Have you read the biography which came out last year? I can send you a pic of the bit about Trey if you're interested.

@rgggn No, I didn't know there was one. Consider me interested!

@rgggn The Dillinger Escape Plan on a piano! That's just mad! Great find 😄

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