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What free/libre software do you use to help you fulfill your musical needs? Check this thread for some of my personal favorites…


Did you know that is also an audio player? It even has specific features for music videos. You should give it a try! <3

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is “the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks” and I have nothing more to say, except that I love its  <3

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is “a modern, convivial and free music server”. I love using it to access my full musical library from my mobile when I’m on the go. There’s nothing like streaming on a 4G network while commuting. <3 @funkwhale

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Both and rely heavily on , an “open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public”. I’ve been a MusicBrainz enthusiast and editor for the longest of time. Look up your favorite artist there, you might discover things you never suspected! <3 @funkwhale

@rgggn @funkwhale i wanted to use it but realised that they reserve the right to make money with my music. so ... what is this?

@rgggn @funkwhale "Furthermore, MusicBrainz users give the MetaBrainz Foundation the right to license this data for commercial use."

@rgggn @funkwhale i wanted to use funkwhale, but uploading denied. i want to publish my music under creative commons on a federation-server! is this possible at your service?

@moagee @rgggn sure, signup on, send me your username in private and I'll grant you some storage space :)

@moagee @rgggn well, it's the metadata (like the release names and track titles), not the music itself, I don't find the clause really surprising.

@funkwhale @rgggn so, when i use funkwhale and the instance, then i don't need to use musicbrainz? thought it was the cause, that your instance says, nope, your track is not tagged bymusicbrainz. ^^ thanks for your help!

@moagee @rgggn well if your work is not in the MusicBrainz database, you'd need to tag your files by hand (see to ensure they are displayed properly :)

@funkwhale @moagee you can also just add your music's metadata to MusicBrainz. I can help if needed.

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