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I've just started sorting my records chronologically. Not chronologically by artist, just chronologically.

I.. I'm.. I'm bored.

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Steve Von Till from is an elementary school teacher. ôO

@rgggn Hier, j'ai découvert cette interview filmée du guitariste de Secret Chiefs 3, je ne sais pas si tu la connais :

Ce sont des extraits de concert entrecoupés par l'interview.

Sometimes a good old vinyl recording is the best way. This is Depeche Modes "Ultra" on 180 gram vinyl.

@rgggn I was lucky and got a good deal on mine! Have you seen the #OpenTheremin? It's an open hardware/software diy kit (looks pretty easy to put together; I don't think there's any soldering required) for €89 that sounds great from the clips I've seen, and looks like it would be a lot of fun to hack around on; you can even use it as a MIDI controller for external synths!

#onthisday three years ago, I scored my #theremin via Craigslist... the culmination of literally 5-6 years of patient IFTTT monitoring.

I really need to give it more love.

Just pushed some minor improvements to Music Explorer, my simple online piano to explore music theory:

I have tweaked the colours a little bit to make them more readable, and now you can specify some parameters to set initial keys, scales, and chords, like so:

If I touch the code again, I should probably make everything bigger!

#mastoart #music

hm, what's the most recently composed song to end up being classified as a standard, I wonder...

Ordered a couple of LPs from the US, parcel was sent on March 26th. I received it.. yesterday 🤯

Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone pose together in their primary school year book, 1937

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