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Sometimes I feel sad. Then I start listening to my music library on shuffle. That there is so much music that is not only so good, but also so diverse, truly makes me happy.

So there's a musicvideo for 's Silvitni, but only for the English version of that song. I cannot stand her singing in English, so I did some ffmpegery and voilà! Now I've got my own version with the lyrics in Faroese.

The word on the street is that is working on some new material. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get the chance to see them live? They're one of my all-time favorite bands since I was a kid 😢

TIL that in 2013 toured with its original lineup (including ) with the exception of Adam Siegel, who was replaced by former guitarist .


I don't know much about Zappa myself, but a friend of mine (a Zappa fan) recommended this documentary to me:

"The Freak Out List"

I've seen it once, and it was good. It's more about his influences, though, so I don't know if it will answer your questions.

If 's gonna play "whatever the f@%k he wants", does it mean that I can pay whatever the f@%k I want?

I've just watched "A Bookshelf on Top of the Sky: 12 Stories about " and I've really enjoyed it. If you're (even vaguely) interested in Zorn, you should see it.

What the.. So there's a band featuring Aaron Tuner () & Brian Cook ( 💜), it's called and they will be playing in my town in an anarchist café – a very small venue. Tickets cost only about 12€. It's organized by the errr straight edge society or what you call it

#ff b/c never done one of these

@djsundog for great tunes, odd electronics, and extreme human decency

@SuzanEraslan for leftism, Joy Division

@Food for being good people

@Fritillaria2 for plants and hiking

@lichen thoughtful lichen

@luckyduck supportive, good friend

@stoof :anarchist_flag: anarchism! :anarchist_flag:

@dustin for good tunes

@rgggn and noise rock

@mrgah bein a chum, puppers

@Taweret Star Trek opinions, Wotan

@TheGibson hackernatin'

There's so many more to get to

My #design for the #Zappa #Comic I'm working on :)
I keep smiling at his expression like "This is me on mondays, or me any day really"
#Art #Mastoart #Illustration #ArtWithOpenSource #Krita

Feeling melancholic today so listening to some of my childhood's stuff. - 666.667 Club

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