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is kinda cool, but every time I have to add a release there I:
* want to scream.
* wonder why I'm still using it.

It just doesn't make any sense to me that it still has its own database when they just could rely on instead.

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Sometimes I feel sad. Then I start listening to my music library on shuffle. That there is so much music that is not only so good, but also so diverse, truly makes me happy.

It does work! So you can now reference albums and tracks from in Mastodon via their url and get an embedded player for free!

(it will land in Funkwhale 0.19, but it's already on the develop branch if you want to try it ;)

Album art! for the first Adzes EP: Climate // Capital

Four tracks of doom, noise rock, and post-metal, addressing the role of global capital in pushing vulnerable people and ecosystems to the brink of collapse. First track coming Friday!

@rgggn Thanks for your toot about #Beets. I'm setting up my music library again and Beets is sooooo nice to make sure everything is sorted and tagged properly. 👍

I'm looking for any music/album review profiles, bots, instances etc. on Mastodon?

Both and rely heavily on , an “open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public”. I’ve been a MusicBrainz enthusiast and editor for the longest of time. Look up your favorite artist there, you might discover things you never suspected! <3 @funkwhale

is “a modern, convivial and free music server”. I love using it to access my full musical library from my mobile when I’m on the go. There’s nothing like streaming on a 4G network while commuting. <3 @funkwhale

is “the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks” and I have nothing more to say, except that I love its  <3

Did you know that is also an audio player? It even has specific features for music videos. You should give it a try! <3

Today’s day! 

What free/libre software do you use to help you fulfill your musical needs? Check this thread for some of my personal favorites…


about :
"I didn't want to join Spotify, because as a musician it's difficult to make music, because they pay badly. It's harder for the artist. However, I discovered a lot of cool bands on Spotify, I wouldn't have known otherwise. I'm a guy who always looks for groups, so I was really surprised at the great things there were, " he admits.
"Having access to Spotify is good, but it's better for the listener than for the one who works in music. I don't like the business model. Today, artists live more from concerts than from
records, without a doubt, "

New Millenium Cyanide Christ, whose music video is a must-see.
A true work of art of contemporary Swedish music videos worthy of .

Entertaining but it's certainly not worth this brass cover of 's hit single "New Millenium Cyanide Christ".

Saw a band doing covers of (mostly) with a brass section tonight. It was entertaining.

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