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is kinda cool, but every time I have to add a release there I:
* want to scream.
* wonder why I'm still using it.

It just doesn't make any sense to me that it still has its own database when they just could rely on instead.

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Sometimes I feel sad. Then I start listening to my music library on shuffle. That there is so much music that is not only so good, but also so diverse, truly makes me happy.

#FF musique en français


À noter également la présence de @gutsofdarkness, même si ce compte semble être inactif.

Toots tagged with or are displayed on along with a convenient music player. It's rad.

Drink more water. The benefits are endless.

@rgggn Is that what you are looking for? Note: I don't know the original source, I just found it in my TL.

On May 7th, Swedish public radio P2 will broadcast a concert by avant-garde/experimental outfit , whose members include and 's very own .

Now that's what I call public service!

Not sure there's ever been a more perfect television score than Angelo Badalamenti's music for Twin Peaks.

After a couple of songs, asked some noisy people in the audience to stop talking. I have to say it was quite cathartic.

...on the other hand, that's what happens when you don't perform with a full band.

i don't like that if you buy music from google play, your methods of playing it are:
- the google play music app (streaming or encrypted download)
- (streaming)
- downloaded from the google play music site (limited to 2 downloads per song per account)
- downloaded by installing the google play music sync app and syncing the song to your computer (free and unlimited usage, but you have to install an app)

compare that with bandcamp, which lets you:
- download from the website (free and unlimited usage)
- play through the app (streaming)

was, uhm, somewhat interesting but bored me pretty quickly. I don't think I'll listen to them again.

I was a bit disappointed that played with just a guitarist and not a full band.

played the music of for three hours in a brand new & very intimate venue. Good times.

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