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is kinda cool, but every time I have to add a release there I:
* want to scream.
* wonder why I'm still using it.

It just doesn't make any sense to me that it still has its own database when they just could rely on instead.

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Sometimes I feel sad. Then I start listening to my music library on shuffle. That there is so much music that is not only so good, but also so diverse, truly makes me happy.

Shares Results Of Fee-Cut Day

"[Bandcamp] reports that fans bought nearly 800,000 items, be that physical music and merchandise or digital downloads. This amounted to total sales of $4.3 million.

This is a significant contrast to an average Friday, Bandcamp says, with around 47,000 items typically being sold on that day."

Look at that "Selling right now" carousel on the #bandcamp homepage!

RIP their servers. ⚰️

*sigh* one item is missing from my order. Well guess what. I've just made a second order.

...and bought a couple more things 😳

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Working from home and need some tunes?

My latest discovery: France's 'FIP Radio'

"Curious and sophisticated: Since 1971 FIP offers a versatile program of jazz, chansons, world music and electronic tunes."

Streams here:

Alternatively, mix their playlist in with others over at by adding the following
instance and hashtag: ; fipradio

I think Bandcamp is being DDOSed by Generosity

You don't wanna know how much I've just spent at . Believe me. You don't want to know.

Waives Revenue Shares to Support Musicians During COVID-19 Outbreak

😍 😍 😍

This will happen on March 20th PST. Be prepared...

Current mood: Bernard Herrmann – The Day the Earth Stood Still

I feel so alone 

I want to thank all y'all here on for doing you and sharing your passions for the music you dig with the wider 'verse.

It's a treat and I forget to tell y'all how much I dig your grooves, individually and collectively.

rock on, y'all, rock on.


Faith No More just announced they will be playing my city in July!!! Finally! Am a big fan since 92 but never got the chance to see them 😀

#MrBungle rumors :mrbungle_rwoteb: 

I wrote a piece on #misophonia, noise-canceling technology, orphic #media and people as push notifications for Real Life Magazine:

P.S. A big influence for this text was the book 'Hush' by Mack Hagood; make sure to check it out!

As I left the pub last night I was reminded how much I hate the fucking Offspring. Some of it is personal - a girlfriend (who was cheating on me, but hey) used to really like them and sing that "pretty fly for a white guy" song. Badly. But the pub was playing this:
...and it's just the shittiest unthinking 90s apolitical lyrics where you look back and think "how on earth did we let this pass itself off as rebellious or ?!"
I'd wiped it from my memory, happily, but hearing it again reminded me why I used "pop punk" as a derogatory term for the first 15 years of this century.

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