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is kinda cool, but every time I have to add a release there I:
* want to scream.
* wonder why I'm still using it.

It just doesn't make any sense to me that it still has its own database when they just could rely on instead.

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Sometimes I feel sad. Then I start listening to my music library on shuffle. That there is so much music that is not only so good, but also so diverse, truly makes me happy.

the federated feed from linernotes is *so* much better than Nobody ever talks about how a small instance of like-minded people generates a fantastic curation of the verse.

Okay, WTF. John Zorn recorded a christmas record? With Mike Patton on vocals?

Listening to for the first time (The Flowers of Romance). This is incredible.

"[The Internet Archive] is best known for its immense archive of web pages and websites in the Wayback Machines. Less well known are the million-plus recordings the site has stored digitally and made available to the general public, mostly from 78s, albums and CDs."

This was your daily FNM toot, brought to you by yours truly. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. Whoah whoah ohhh

Interesting, Infectious Grooves (with former guitarist Jim Martin) will be playing at on the same day as Faith No More. I'd love to see Big Jim playing a couple of songs with FNM but I guess the chances of that happening are rather slim.

Incidentally I had listened to Haus der Lüge again just he day before.

Faith No More will be playing three European festivals next June. Big deal.

This morning I talked about music with someone I had just met. This is so incredibly rare. We mostly talked about Einstürzende Neubauten. Fascinating topic, obviously.

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