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I've just started sorting my records chronologically. Not chronologically by artist, just chronologically.

I.. I'm.. I'm bored.

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"your music is great, you could make so much money! put it up to stream!"

Mr. Bungle has a good ol’ fashioned thrash album out, because they’re some sort of supergroup now with Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo.

Robert the zombie in his car Dracula

Hey! Guess who's gonna see Mr. Bungle, live, on Oct. 31st! Well, virtually. And well, yes, they won't play any of the songs I like, but still.


25 years since Where the wild roses grow single was released! Now I feel old.

Are there any #mandolin players out in this fediverse?

Started playing about a month ago and I'm having a lot of fun.

This is not something I would ever need in my life, but you might, and it looks like an interesting thing to play with

"Many artists sign record deals they don’t fully understand. We’ve created a deal simulator to help artists, managers, and labels model deal options and forecast profits. It’s a rough guide to better understand the finances of how record deals work."

New band featuring Bär from Mr. Bungle & members of . They're having a Kickstarter, check it out

High Castle Teleorkestra: Ich Bin's (single)

#BandOfTheMonth : #OranssiPazuzu

(favorite song)
(video for new album)

#bandcamp favorite album

#spotify artist page

The best #psychedelic #blackmetal band in my opinion (hailing from #finland). The new album releases on 17th this month, so the timing is perfect for an introduction. But I'm surely not the first one to toot about them.

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