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I've just started sorting my records chronologically. Not chronologically by artist, just chronologically.

I.. I'm.. I'm bored.

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@rgggn the Dead Kennedys sent us all those cassettes with a blank side so we could help. But did we help enough?

@rgggn my Genesis "Three Sides Live" LP has the "Home Taping is Killing the Music Industry" slogan on the inner sleeves, I LOL every time I see it

Back in 2k14 I was playing with a band called Myster Môbius, and this video is one of the last stuff we did before moving on to something esle in our lives...:

#pouetradio #np #nowplaying #rock #technoïd

Today in mystifying computer behaviour: every time I've left a Teams meeting today, my computer has started playing Kraftwerk at me.

It has good taste, so I've given up fighting it now.

I've been so tired since I'm back at work that I can barely remember my name

Canonically, The Boys whomst are Back In Town are the very same boys involved in the Jailbreak from earlier on the album

Just bought a turntable and it came with this. Not only is #FreeSoftware all over the place, companies apparently now also care about letting their users know about it 👍🏻

There is some irony to shipping a CD with a turntable though 🤓

Getting vaccinated?

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