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Joe Biden: "We've been tested and we came out better for it."


Fun fact: If you hear "We can take that conversation offline.” as "Let's step outside", meetings become a whole lot more intriguing.

Fact: The Halifax bus voice sounds identical to Moira from Schitt's Creek.

I have so much to say about the new Front Line Assembly record.

Hey guys! I was in meetings all day. Is the US still intact?!

Trump gave the best speech of his presidency on his final day.

Global Game Jam is happening here in Nova Scotia. Stay tuned for more info and spread the word.

Just watched The Road for the first time.

Please say something hopeful.

If my wife keeps pronouncing it "wongtong" soup, it may be the end of us.

Tight cover from of NOFX classic from Happy Three Friends in The Philippines.

A feature suggestion for - the ability to manually turn off other people’s video (eg if you want to quickly mute their ‘video’ in case something in a meeting goes awry).

I'm not entirely certain of 80's hair styles came back in Halifax in the 2010's or if it's that they never really stopped.

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