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Everybody jumping off the Trump train now when it's already come to a safe stop. You don't get noble status. You get the BIG gas face.

Pineapple on pizza is a cultural achievement I take a lot of pride in. 🍕

My crypto investment decisions are driven almost entirely by FOMO.

A former coleague just released this black magic tool for .NET which allows you to hot-compile and live-fix your code similar to the way works. Worth a look!

A former colleague just released this black magic tool for hot-compiling changes to live .NET code. Worth a look.

Do: Spend $0 on "Soul" on Disney+
Don't: Spend $30 on WW84

Trust me.

Less TV. More books. Less Social Media. More personal projects. Less starts. More finishes. Less dreams. More concrete goals.

Being 2020, it's hard to know if those are fireworks or if The Purge has started.

Here it is -- the first of what will become a regular music blog in 2021. A summary of some of my favourite new tracks in 2020:

I am writing my Best Songs of 2020 and it won't surprise you to know it covers a lot of ground...

That novel I was going to write over the holidays and also the game-changing software -- it's going to have to wait another year. I have to go get drinks for NYE.

Bandcamp is doing away with its actual best of rankings in favour of unranked categories. It's a very 2020 approach.

I did some research before creating my Christmas list this year and found the ideal ebook reader for me was this one. Gotta be honest I never expected to actually get it but she loves me.

I'm at the "not sure which of my books to read first or what music to listen to or which chocolates to eat" phase of the holiday.

Wonder Woman 1984 is what happens when movie producers just stop bothering all together and cash out anyway.

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