Did Trump turn off the Internet yet? Hello? ... Hello?

My neighbors are throwing some kind of outdoor party in the cul-de-sac right now 15-20 people, none of them distancing. Is Covid over? Did I miss a memo?

Surprisingly, the Netflix Snowpiercer series is way better than the film in just 2 episodes. And I really liked the film. Their main plot twist, introduced early, makes the story much more compelling.

I wouldn't want to have been negotiating licenses on the production of Ready Player One.

Occupation: In which an alien invasion targets a high-school Rugby match in Australia.

Could an artist draw a picture of me mowing my lawn while my neighbour's 3 large dogs bark, howl, snarl and gnash their teeth 12 inches from my face and I'm pretending "it's fine" and I barely notice? I'm having trouble articulating how bizarre it is.

Rust Valley Restorers is the most Canadian show I've seen since Beachcombers.

I wonder if Zuckerberg ever reads the comments on Facebook posts and thinks, "Ugh... Facebook is the worst." This is the question I would ask him if given the opportunity.

I totally missed the memo on "bubbles" and now I think it means something different than what I think it means. Has anyone defined it somewhere?

Me, about to drink a Commissar Russian Imperial Stout from @unfilteredbrews@twitter.com

Strange thing I noticed about and -- I stopped carrying a wallet and I don't want to carry one anymore.

At some point - usually a year later - I get back all the electronics I enthusiastically bought my parents that they never used.

What an amazing gift today was. Speaking of awesome things -- who's ready for one hour (maybe more) of live drum 'n' bass? See you here at 7pm:


Going live again tomorrow night on Mixcloud with another set. Click this event if you want a notification. facebook.com/events/s/bass-for

The fried chicken from The Cheeky Neighbor is awesome. I especially like that they answer the phone when you call and take orders.

Spent 45 minutes redialing CHKNCHOP. Finally got through and accidentally hung up on them.

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