Duck Duck Go say on a very big, very vocal privacy high horse. That's a pretty damning fall.

This roughly translated to "Unemployed Pudding" -- a regional desert, I am told.

The hotel lobby is playing samba covers of alternative 80s songs and it's absolutely delightful.

I deliver the elegance of "Mon français n'est pas bon." better than any other French phrase.

My Uber driver was pro-Putin so that was one hell of a ride...

Mechanical Keyboards are the Harley-Davidsons of the computer peripheral world.

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be a radio DJ. I realize now that I really just wanted to control the music I was hearing, even in public, all of the time.

The radio at this Irving Big Stop is clearly tuned to SHIT FM.

Just planted my second tree on our property. The first one, planted last summer, is doing well. At some point, the second one will drop basket loads of pears (I hope).

Whatever that thing is that makes you have fun at karaoke... I lost that somewhere along the way.

Just spied one of those foldable phones in the wild. It was well used and had a very visible crease down the middle. I was always curious if that's what would eventually happen.

Anyone on my feed who's in the political science sphere? I'd genuinely like to know what's with the [Insert second tier province/state politician] visits Vladimir and gets a tour of smoldering Ukraine phenomenon. What is this for?

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