I just ordered a Tiger ice cream and what they've given me is an unidentified yellow ice cream with fudge swirl. WTF @scotsburndairy@twitter.com. Tiger is supposed to be orange and licorice.

Fantastic techno mix from Berlin's Than.

Listen to Monasterio Chamber Podcast #140 THAM by Monasterio Moscow on

I am so over the cacophonous hollowness of the startup evangelist crowd. They’re one “Hustle smarter, not harder!” away from selling you a QRay.

Well, @cbcsports@twitter.com coverage is certainly engaging in a little "interesting negative historical jabs" at every other country. Really getting into the spirit of the Olympics.

.@JustinTrudeau@twitter.com @FP_Champagne@twitter.com @SeamusORegan@twitter.com The state of Canadian mobile providers is worse than ever. You put a fox in charge of the henhouse. for his big telco bias and correct the on its arbitrary wholesale internet ruling!

Still confused about when to use 'obliged' vs 'obligated'.

I mean I don't want to split hairs. They both went really, really, high. But if you're not orbiting while eating powdered potatoes from a foil bag, is it really "space" flight?

What is it with restaurants in Halifax being closed on Mondays? Is that a covid thing or a quirky Halifax thing?

The signs say "lost cat" but if we're being honest, these cats know exactly where they're going. They've escaped.

Watching the events unfold in BC, it has become abundantly clear that I have no idea how fire really works. 🔥

Today's the day I have to get a new phone. The lack of upgrade support for my Pixel 2 and the worsening battery performance has become an albatross.

I'd like to formally welcome Brittany Spears to my twitter filter.

One of my favourite things is putting on a solid pair of headphones and listening to Download's "Glassblower". The whole album is audio candy but that track is like someone translated the brain activity of a nightmare into audio form and wrote a dance track around it.

Fueled rocket-based space flight still seems incredibly boorish and inelegant to me -- like we should have replaced it with the space elevator or anti-gravity tech by now. Is anyone working on this?

My conclusion: Despite what we want to be true, WFH isn't working as well as we think it is.

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