Holy crap. Bob Mould turned 61 today. Happy birthday to a legend


"I love your grasshopper tat."

"It's a praying mantis. But thanks."

Just read someone describing debugging as "Becoming the detective of your own crime."

It's perfect.

I don't really understand the 'lack of staff' problem with small businesses. Yes, people left their jobs or got laid off etc during covid but presumably they would just move around. They're still out there needing work. Unless they went back to school or jumped sectors.

Screw it. I'm wearing plaid today. The pull is too strong.

report: Easy St. Diner's Reuben Burger is really great. Staff seem like kind people too.

Anyone doing an Android Mastodon App in Flutter?

When Unity for Linux is up and running, my relationship with Windows and MacOS will probably come to an end.

Rhinoceros by Smashing Pumpkins still gives me goosebumps.

I literally ate someone's lunch today.

Honest mistake. It was just coincidence that it was some kind of special-made order.

My preteen understood what an internet 'meme' was before she understood the concept of a meme. That's strange to me. Now she will forever associate them backwards and there's no way to reorient her synapses (yet).

Does the "You must be busy, you seem to have missed all my other emails, here's another email!" sales strategy really work on some people? What is the nature of these people? Show me one.

"The best explanation for 'The Good 'ole days' is a bad memory." - @sapinker@twitter.com.

*slow clap"

I regret that this is the first time I ever heard the term edelweiss. Probably before I'd heard of Christopher Plummer.


I cannot find a straight answer on how long we need to wait before my daughter gets her second vaccine in Nova Scotia.

Gus Moreno's debut novel, "This Thing Between Us," is a genuinely creepy supernatural horror novel, a book that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and prompted me to turn on the nightlight at bedtime.


I almost didn't read it. It's billed as a book about a widower whose smart-speaker is haunted by his wife's ghost, which sounds gimmicky and foolish, but that's a very poor summary indeed.


Against my better judgement, I bought my first Sonos device and this morning as I was unable to play my podcast app through it (it was unsupported) I regretted it.

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