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Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed


Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

Reading a great book called Moon of the Crusted Snow by and he writes about Bannock with such nostalgic affection that I had to try to make some. Now I'm reading and eating warm Bannock and it's even better.

Serious question for devs -- according to stats I've read, Java still rates as the highest performing by a large margin via Netty. Given that, on what criteria are you basing the decision to adopt Go?

To put it simply, if a game makes reference to anything called a "realm" or has a character whose name ends in "or", I'm probably out.

My coffee roaster of choice, released their newest playlist. This time by Toronto's Henrietta Lane shop -- it's fantastic for a Sunday afternoon. I couldn't have selected better myself.

“...a look at the raw data discussed in that article reveals that the effect of social media on teen depression is roughly equivalent to the effect of eating potatoes.”

Also, beware of "bicycle face".

The pedal steel guitar - signature of country music or Achilles heel?

I liked Radiohead's Kid A, but if Rolling Stone is calling it top 20 of the best music of all time, clearly I'm missing something.

I have this pair of Levis that was getting pretty old and ratty and I was going to throw them out and find a new pair. That's when I learned that Levis discontinued the line and you can't get them anymore. Now they seem new again.

Lots of amazing bands have new records they're not releasing because they can't tour to support'em. Let that sink in... The year's best music might be waiting until next year.

Am I the only one that gets a serotonin spike every time a meeting is cancelled?

Discussing the state of modern punk with a friend of mine and amid aggressive talk of DIY ethos, smashing the status quo and heavy riffage, he says to me "Shit, this punk Dad has to drive the SUV to Costco to get Cascade."

I told him to take the long way. 👊👊

Trying out Tidal for the first time and I just ran into the first "missing artist". That doesn't bode well. So here it is on Bandcamp. Hey No Idea Records and -- why can't I access this on Spotify or Tidal?

The way folks whisper about their covid fatigue, amid hushed tones or quiet winks, under a shroud of trust that you'll refrain from judgment. It reminds me of the way a former colleague used to talk about the politicians who smoked weed at his house.

Hey Twitter, what's the name of that where the curmudgeonly old guy plans his own funeral because he wants to ensure he had the opportunity to attend it before he dies?

Recognizing that her home town has no Starbucks, sending her back there without a Frappuccino would be a form of neglect.

The aroma of boiling wort, like baking pumpernickel, is delicious.

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