The HRM sales Facebook groups are like this sad little community of trolls who are ostensibly shopping for a deal on your old stuff but are really seeking attention and validation.

Put an item up on Facebook Marketplace. Someone just messaged me to tell me they were not interested.

The new Billy Idol EP is actually pretty decent.

So... Looks like teens finally realized move theatres are open again. Cineplex is packed.

Just watched a woman on the news describe with a straight face how Fiona deliberately "honed in on" economically disadvantaged communities.

The worst thing about Mariel Buckley's new albums is that it's apparently out since August but I. Can't. Listen. To. It!

It's times like these that a community comes together, to line up at Tim Hortons.

The only online live coverage I can find is an American dude. I appreciate you

Somehow we're the only ones left on our street with power. Time to make some hot coffee.

Just had a flicker but power decided to stay on. Thanks, NS Power!

Friend: "We're all settled. We tied all the patio furniture with a giant tarp which should keep it safe."

My imagination:

If your untethered trampoline blows into our yard, we're keeping it.

Me looking at every unusual photo now: "How do I know this isn't AI generated?"

I start making oatmeal for breakfast from Steel Cut Oats. It's the most "old man" thing I've done so far next to all the 80s movie references that fall on deaf ears in the workplace.

While the locusts were all swarming WalMart I snuck into a relatively quiet beer store.

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