I've been using Pop_OS (Linux) all week on my MacBook Pro and it's *really* great. Easily the most polished, mature and relatively hassle-free Linux distro I've tried to date.

Waiting for the first sessions of @pytexas@twitter.com 2020.

"April Skies" by The Jesus & Mary Chain while I drink an IPA and I'm in heaven. @CharmSchoolPub@twitter.com

"And my thoughts are turning backwards and I'm picking up the pieces of a world that keeps turning the screws... into my mind."

I wanted to leave the bar but they kept playing the Jesus & Mary Chain catalog and I was basically under obligation to give the bartender my review of every track and it's relative significance.

I'm at @CharmSchoolPub@twitter.com and The Jesus & Mary Chain start playing and @monochromegod@twitter.com is not even here. How is this possible?

If you heard any of Amy Coney Barrett's testimony then you know she interprets the law as ambiguously as possible where it concerns ideological values of the sort that would attract Trump.

Nobody has mentioned the pizza parlour pedophile rings yet.

Admittedly, the “typical politician” bit was a knock-out punch by Trump. As long as he can draw that line and seem like the relatable alternative, he’ll win over the unsophisticated plebes.

Why doesn’t Biden use the word “lies” when referring to Trump’s nonsensical rhetoric?

70s classic by nailed by Lunenburg, Nova Scotia's own Electric City Underground ft. Steb Sly....

Draggin The Line youtu.be/TFFMnH2QTsY

This time I am watching more out of a sense of morbid curiosity than anything. I want to see how the muting works out.

Man, I love @RoomServiceHfx@twitter.com. One moment I am wishing I had a bag of chips and moments later, I've got 3 different bags of chips and some emergency Ben & Jerry's.

As a tall, bald, bearded man my Halloween costume range is limited to overweight Kratos from God of War and the guy from "Inside the Actors Studio".

Debian just donated 10K US to the PeerTube project, a free, open and decentralized YouTube, to help build out their live streaming capability.

Programming in on Linux running on my MacBook Pro. I am basically Neo, now.

Looking for some recommended folks to follow. Any other go hobbiests / programmers out there?

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