Goals are sometimes constrained by reality and that's ok.

It's the kind of day that those 'shorts in the winter time' guys dread. Stay strong, fellas.

Drifting around corners like it's The Fast and the Furious at 25 kilometres per hour.

You ever take a sip of hot coffee from a portable, accidentally drink from the wrong angle and have scalding hot coffee run down the side of your face and all over your shirt?

... Me neither. Definitely not.

Arrived at Water & Bone tonight and they were playing Jane’s Addiction. Last time I was there, The Misfits. I don’t know any other place where you can eat fried chicken noodle soup, drink craft beer and be nostalgic about 80s and 90s punk. It might be the perfect restaurant.

Whenever someone talks about the advance of AI and smart utilities, I am reminded of Ray Bradbury's amazing short story "There Will Come Soft Rains". Take a moment -- it's worth it.


Modern customer service: Offer 25 different options for reaching out and complaining. 24 of them are run by robots incapable of nuance and the other one refers you to the robots.

The precarious feeling when you've managed to get to a human and they've promised to switch you to a new human and that vile 'hold jazz' starts.

I'm decidedly going to have a good day today for as long as I can make it last.

Doing some kind of medical test that's going to make me blind for several hours. I'm a little freaked out.

I just called the RCMP for the first time in my life about a fairly non-urgent (but concerning enough) incident. Interesting experience. The constable was super helpful and very interested in the case even offering to stop by and discuss it further. I expected more cynicism.

A really interesting take on the Homescapes-style narrative-driven match 3 casual games by my friends at Bit.Games @senutar@twitter.com


I swear there is one guy who does the booking in Halifax and keeps putting together shows for a single aging population. Once they’ve passed on, rock and roll will die too.


Serious question: Is there anyone in who makes and/or sells cedar hot tubs?

Underwater is a really good creature feature. If you like monsters and tight tension, go have some fun at the .

That feeling when you've made a killer mix and you're hearing it for the first time in your car.

Chatting with my daughter's friend:

Her: "We don't have internet at home."
Me: "Whaaat?... But... What... do you... do?"
Her: "We go outside."
Me: "... To look for internet connectivity?"

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