Anyone out there selling second-hand phones with LineageOS + MicroG installed on them?

After doing this for numerous friends, was thinking of providing it as a service.

Interested to hear if anyone has ideas on how to build contributions to lineage/microg/fdroid into the price...

@douginamug Closest I can think of is, they might offer this as a service?
It's also a friendly phone OS that I'm enjoying, based on Lineage and MicroG I think.

@priryo just looking into e now... Seems admirable, to try and provide all the basics smoothly by default. I wonder how quickly they get lineage updates?

I've been using which bundles latest microg and lineage versions every couple of weeks.

I really want to find out how microg works actually.

Their cheapest phone is 250: I got an almost immaculate s5neo with new case, glass and packaging for 52 🤔


I put it on my phone at Xmas, there's an update from the end of January I've still to apply. Not sure how it relates to upstream but for sure it moves.

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