Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever managed to get much done with multiple monitors

In fact, the opposite. I'm only able to carry far fewer things to completion than with just one display

I don't know if that's peculiar to me or if it's more prevalent


@cypnk Everyone in our office has multiple monitors and I can't think of anyone that actually needs it.
We are the embodiment of Jevons Paradox.
We're not a techy / IT place. So the marketing people have a monitor to show when people are swearing at us on the internet. The managers have docking stations and don't know to turn their laptop screens off when they're plugged in. The call handlers have Facebook open while they enter data in the other screen. And there's us data monkeys who use the tiling and multiple desktop features that Windows 10 finally has, so only use the second monitor to avoid eye contact across the partitions.

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