folks, i talk about trains a lot on this account, but i think i dont give enough credit to the other beautiful human movement machine - thats right i am talkin about BICYCLES

bicycles are unparalleled in their ability to transport humans efficiently over short or even medium distances in a city. all the advantages of cars and more, with the important caveats of course that they are unusable by the non able bodied and they cant really haul loads. and many of the disadvantages of bicycles melt away when not forced to share road space with the accurséd car. there are already real world examples of primarily bike oriented commuter systems, in for example Denmark


Near me, there's a place that specialises in adapting bikes for the non-able-bodied. Trikes, recumbent, handcycles. Side-by-side models for use by folk with balance issues. Some people find it easier to cycle than walk because it's lesser impact on their bones. Every Sunday they're out around the cycle path in a slow, joyous convoy.
Peoples' ability to cycle can't be generalized about, they claim they've never failed to get someone on a bike of some sort.

@priryo @dankwraith I want a recumbent powered by legs and/or arms simultaneously.

@priryo @dankwraith Although TBH I'd also add an electric motor because I'm slightly lazier than I used to be ...

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