The current #OpenStreetMap controversy is the Ukraine/Russia border esp. over #Crimea. The #OSM "on the ground de factor control" rule means it should be marked as part of Russia.

Some don't like that, and I really wish they'd suggest better rules instead of just complaining. I like the 'on the ground' rule. What other rule should OSM use for country borders? We need an clear rule that is objective that we can all agree on. So what should that be?

@rory The only thing I could think of is some kind of internationalisation layer for boundaries analogous to changing the language of labels / place names.

So you could opt for the Russian view of Crimea, the Chinese view of Tibet, the UK view of Gibraltar and the Indian view of Kashmir.

But I can't see it being practical to maintain.

@priryo I am actually working on exactly that! ( ) There's another idea here ( ). Let's hope it'll come to fruition.

You're right it'd be tricky to maintain, but in #OpenStreetMap, we're used to having a big database!


@rory Amazing! Good luck with it. I love the move away from the idea people have of borders as being some kind of objective thing like mountains or rivers, but must be a tricky thing for people to get their heads around.

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