Dutch artist Lotte Geeven is collecting singing sand from deserts across the world. Interview with sound clips.

"Imagine that you and I were standing in the middle of the desert right now, and all of a sudden the wind rose, making the whole desertscape around us hum like a gigantic brass band. We would be in total awe. We would tell that story, and it would make its way into local culture because of its extraordinary nature."



"The acoustic sand I’m interested in is rare sand that generates a deep hum when it is put in motion, whether by the wind or by your hand. This acoustic sand occurs only in a few remote locations around the world: a hill in the desert of Mongolia and an area in the middle of the Namib Desert, to name a few. Sliding these layers of sand over one other generates vibrations that emit a deep, low rumbling pitch. This principle can be compared to a bow striking a cello string. In volume, this concert of sand can be as loud as the sound of a helicopter flying over your head."

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Her website: geeven.nl/

There's a specific Singing Sand site, but until Tumblr get smacked down on their "default opt-in" nonsense ( 101, numpties) you can make your own way to that one.

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