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long, meta, pretentious explanation of why this "place" is different 

This is an archipelago.

It's not one place but a series of islands of differing sizes and closeness. You've landed on the shores of one of them that you like and set up camp. You can always hear what your neighbours are talking about and you get parcels full of the messages sent out from neighbouring islands.

If it seems too quiet, you can venture out to look at some of the other islands. They each have their own unique culture. Some speak languages you don't understand; some speak your language but use it in ways you don't understand, yet. Some places they seem to talk of only machines, or politics, or music. In others they make art for their neighbours to enjoy. Some are ruled over by a laird, others are democracies. All islands display their rules clearly; most enforce them justly.

You're not tied to the island you're currently on. You could set up a home on another island, many other islands if you please. Perhaps here you will write poems, while over the horizon you will learn how to repair a broken computer. Argue vigourously on one island, return to another to enjoy the views of your neighbours' gardens.

All these places are accessible to you. You can befriend people on any island and receive visitors or not, as you choose.

This is our achipelago. It is Free and you are welcome.

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It begins!

The Massachusetts high court on Tuesday ruled that ExxonMobil must face a trial over accusations that it lied about the climate crisis and covered up the fossil fuel industry’s role in worsening environmental devastation.

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I decided to try a bigger format and some new pencils, so this one ate up six weeks of my life 😂 Barn Owl, colored pencil on smooth bristol, 12"x12".

#mastoArt #coloredPencil #wildlifeArt #drawing #art

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Hej @mastobikes! I'm looking to buy a foldable #bicycle. It has to fit inside the box of our cargobike (Christiania, see photo), be ok in trains, and be ok-ish to cycle 5-ish km on.

I can think of Bromton and Dahon. Any tips on these, or suggestions for others? Preferably available secondhand in Denmark.

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BREAKING - Protesters have glued themselves to seats. Andrew Mackenzie says it will take hours to remove them, asks shareholders to stay in the room.

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Ever got that feeling that your smartphone is spying on you?

Join us Live on May 31 at 2PM CET to learn about Murena and how we protect you from digital surveillance!

{Save the date}👇

#opensource #privacy


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seeking academic articles :boost_ok: 

Any JSTOR wizards here? We are looking for a couple articles that we can't get through any of our usual methods (& yes, we tried sci-hub). Here are the links:

I just can't believe this isn't a set up to a routine...

John Shuttleworth gig abandoned in Derbyshire after man falls into cavern

Man hauled to safety after hanging from tree at cave event in place known locally as Devil’s Arse @wallabagapp

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This has been a good weekend for discovering new stuff inspired by optimistic, early 90's electronic music. This one's more uptempo than the 36 record:

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Really excited about this Madrid based, open source, SVG alternative to Figma for #ux #design
Consider boosting?

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Cary Grant's birth name is:

No cheating. This is a 1 day poll. Check back for the correct answer. Boost for more replies, please.

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This album dropped yesterday, as well as engineering and programming credits on a number of sounds, I also co-wrote the opener with Mad 45 :)

#OnUSound #PayItAllBack #Bandcamp

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#TIL that the Edmonton Public Library, in Edmonton, AB, Canada, has a seed library. It offers a collection of free seeds that you can "borrow, grow, and share."

This is so wholesome and fantastic I think I'm going to lose my sh*t

@plants #gardening

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Hello. 👋 Do you like my work?

If so, thank you! If you’ve commented on my art, left a “Like”, or even just spent the time browsing through my photos, I never ever take it for granted.

If you’ve ever appreciated my photography, and freedom of access and use I provide (all my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License), you can now support me in a variety of ways 👍

#landscape #photography #photo #photographie

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it's done! this is the last KONPEITO mix, I held off releasing it because I am a creature of ritual but now I've been able to gift this tape to solderpunk to say thank you to him for Gemini and what it's inspired me to create.

digital version should be up on tomorrow as a thank you to you all, you who've listened to and shared the tapes, you who've created your own works around our underground Internet and you who've encouraged me and inspired others to create.

be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #lofi #mixtape

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Extremely nerdy ink/paper question 

The paper in my fancy notebook does not get on well with the pen I'm using (Parker rollerball, also their Quink in a fountain pen). It bleeds through, or else spreads too wide.
I'm not changing the pens because (a) no disposables and (b) I bought a huge batch of cartridges years ago and they're still not near finished. So when this book is full, I'll be looking for a different brand of notebook.
Anyone got any recommendations for something like a moleskine but with more compatible paper?

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@aussocialadmin suggested an #introduction post, so why not eh? I'm Vince, I live in Melbourne (Wurundjeri Country), and am a composer (all kinds of #music) and producer (also all kinds of #music & #soundart). I'm not great at social media, and have been on a bit of a mission to reduce my reliance on restrictive platforms (and actually engage in community, broadly speaking). I'm also a music academic and work in that world. This feels a bit like signing up for Myspace did way back when, but, I dunno, not at all like that. 😅

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