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long, meta, pretentious explanation of why this "place" is different 

This is an archipelago.

It's not one place but a series of islands of differing sizes and closeness. You've landed on the shores of one of them that you like and set up camp. You can always hear what your neighbours are talking about and you get parcels full of the messages sent out from neighbouring islands.

If it seems too quiet, you can venture out to look at some of the other islands. They each have their own unique culture. Some speak languages you don't understand; some speak your language but use it in ways you don't understand, yet. Some places they seem to talk of only machines, or politics, or music. In others they make art for their neighbours to enjoy. Some are ruled over by a laird, others are democracies. All islands display their rules clearly; most enforce them justly.

You're not tied to the island you're currently on. You could set up a home on another island, many other islands if you please. Perhaps here you will write poems, while over the horizon you will learn how to repair a broken computer. Argue vigourously on one island, return to another to enjoy the views of your neighbours' gardens.

All these places are accessible to you. You can befriend people on any island and receive visitors or not, as you choose.

This is our achipelago. It is Free and you are welcome.

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digging the garden 🤝 listening to Sepultura

................."Roots! Bloody roots!".........

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:brain1: Breaking streaming services DRM by cracking the encryption algorithm

:brain3: Breaking streaming services DRM by recording the music to cassette tapes

poll my next read 

Bueno. I have to make my own decision!? Probably it'll be Upton Sinclair's The Jungle since I'd already opened it to the first page a week ago. Can't load up the Morris until I get back home and I can't decide between the Woolf's I have on the device.

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Solved the problem of "no contact lens cleaner for sale near the village", by diving into the riverside pool and losing both lenses.

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poll my next read 

What should i start next from the semi random public domain collection on the eBook reader?

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

Just finished Nicola Barker's H(a)ppy and I think it goes in the "admire more than enjoy" box. Wasn't wholly sure what was going on for parts of it. But it's a nice looking and I enjoyed the musical theme even if on this reading I don't know why it had bits about Just Intonation.
It's more playful than it might sound, too. I think she was threading references to pop songs into the book, for no obvious reason. (Towards the end there's "he injected me with his poison -- his remedy".)

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KDE España kicks off "KDE Express", a Spanish-language podcast that delivers all the KDE news in 30 minutes or less.

(Last boost on endangered European languages boosted as a subtoot of my sister in law there in the living room arguing that the problem with additional language requirements in the Basque country and Catalonia is that they're "imposing" the language on people...)

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Cairgein

Seaweed used in a similar way to gelatine!
A bit of #gàidhlig #scotland in this blog, especially if you're interested in foraging 😁

Carragheen | Scotland's Nature

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Frankenstein (1931) 

The weirdly-angled sets for the castle (nothing is rectilinear) always have expressionist shadows cast on them.

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One of my favourite albums is on Editions Mego, this track in particular showed me what can do (if its not a reductive label for this).
Melody fuzzed and distorted and then at a certain point it goes just a little bit too far for comfort, so that you can't treat it as aural wallpaper but have to actively listen as it presses you back in your seat.

Pita - 3 (Get Out)

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The Spanish women’s hockey team had a sign up with the slogan ‘somos una piña’. Which made no sense. So I looked it up and it’s a more general sport slogan in Spain, a pineapple is a united, tight-knit group in which all the spikes point out.


Olympics sexism, memory 

I know I'm older than the average online person because I'm surprised at the surprise of everyone suddenly discovering the beach volleyball uniform rules are sexist.
We went over this when they introduced the sport (was it Sydney?). Cool that folk are annoyed now but I feel like I'm watching goldfish freaking out about the plastic castle that just appeared in their bowl.

offtopic, Spanish politics and family stuff. 

Spanish skills and confidence and integration proceeded to the level that I can bawl out my in-laws for naïve equivocation and shitty politics for "both sides"-ing the harassment and death threats targeting Pablo Iglesias and family.
Honestly. In a country absolutely hoaching with corruption and impunity, the fact that they don't question why he got all the abuse is amazing. No wonder billionaires buy newspapers and TV companies.

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Is #ff #followfriday a thing in the Fediverse? These folks aren't on the fedi but I think they're incredible people to follow to learn about creative solutions to the #climatecrisis

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson -
Dr. Leah Stokes (#CES, baby!) -
Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson -

#carbon #climate #environment

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