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long, meta, pretentious explanation of why this "place" is different 

This is an archipelago.

It's not one place but a series of islands of differing sizes and closeness. You've landed on the shores of one of them that you like and set up camp. You can always hear what your neighbours are talking about and you get parcels full of the messages sent out from neighbouring islands.

If it seems too quiet, you can venture out to look at some of the other islands. They each have their own unique culture. Some speak languages you don't understand; some speak your language but use it in ways you don't understand, yet. Some places they seem to talk of only machines, or politics, or music. In others they make art for their neighbours to enjoy. Some are ruled over by a laird, others are democracies. All islands display their rules clearly; most enforce them justly.

You're not tied to the island you're currently on. You could set up a home on another island, many other islands if you please. Perhaps here you will write poems, while over the horizon you will learn how to repair a broken computer. Argue vigourously on one island, return to another to enjoy the views of your neighbours' gardens.

All these places are accessible to you. You can befriend people on any island and receive visitors or not, as you choose.

This is our achipelago. It is Free and you are welcome.

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...convinced that half of the video's 850 million views are from school history classes.

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Eldest is in guitar lessons and the teacher has mentioned Wind of Change; we just watched the video to see if he recognised it and we were talking about the same song.
Sooooo maaany questions don't know where to start. The easiest to answer was "why are they holding up fires?" 😂

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I put together this mix of 'Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America', with pieces from the twentieth century (mainly 60s-80s), for #RaroMixtapeSeries via


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I'm trying to figure something out. What makes a good children's picture book for you? What should not be missing? What is overrated?

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so #startrek is supposed to be this story of a glorious future where humans and other races are able to live their fullest lives but you ever notice how on starfleet ships there is only ever one font? can this truly be a utopian bastion of freedom if there's no freedom to choose your typeface? I for one am certainly not buying it.

"To learn which questions are unanswerable, and not to answer them: this skill is most needful in times of stress and darkness."

This line from The Left Hand of Darkness waved at me as I nestled in the bedroom away from the evening news on TV.

Plagued by a fountain pen that refuses to let the ink and words flow reliably if it isn't used every day.
I want a script with less heavy-handed symbolism, please.

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"There's no gods and there's precious few heroes
But there's plenty on the dole in the land o the leal
And it's time now to sweep the future clear of the lies of a past that we know was never real"

Reminded yesterday that Wagner and Bakunin fought together on the barricades of Dresden in 1849.

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What do you prefer to use?

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"M" is a great film, and Peter Lorre puts in a fantastic performance. Lang's direction and the cinematography are also great. Not to be missed.

It is also available on the Internet Archive, as it is in the public domain.

pointless smartphone autocorrect rant 

Has anyone ever had "go" auto corrected to "GI" and thought, "yep, that's it, that's what I wanted to say"?
Android devs are all paleo-diet obsessed ex-military or what?

🧒 "What!?! Dad, he said the F-word!!!"
🧓 [giggles uncontrollably]

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THE (second) best thing about today so far is Leicester Community Radio playing Step's Tragedy. I'm feeling this energy
🎵 Steps - Tragedy 🎵

Now the album's got to "Oh Shit".
Eagerly awaiting the next question...

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🎸 Buzzcocks' Orgasm Addict
👶 "Why is he saying 'I've lost my ferret'?
🧓 "He's not singing about a ferret, no."
👶 "What was he saying then?"
🧓 "..."

Fun thought experiment: replace every description of an "enfant terrible" of art with "horrible child".
"Gaspar Noe: cinema's horrible child shares his take on relationships. "

Three cheers for the free software public app Transportr, which now properly supports with Metro data not just the buses.

(I want to take some credit for this, since I reported the bug. My first open source contribution? Definitely the most useful.)

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Copyright isn’t defensible in any abstract left theory kind of way, but one reality was I spent the 2000s watching bands I knew get more and more fans and make less and less money as the culture turned away from buying CDs. Bands that in 2002 were coming back from tour with real money to show for it who eight years later would come back in the hole after playing more gigs with much bigger audiences.

I had a account, I’m complicit. And it used to suck how expensive it was to be a music fan. But I knew bands who could have gone small time pro if they’d had the # of fans they had in 2010 and the ability to sell CDs like 2001. Who instead had to basically retire from trying to make big as their 30s came along and living on ramen noodles lost its allure.

It’s important that artists have a path to supporting themselves with art. Post file sharing, music lost many of those paths.

And it didn’t even stay free. Spotify basically replaced MP3s. We lost the big war.

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