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What are classical British/regional christmas songs? I now had German songs for so many years...time to try something new.

Rachel Grimes's new project The Way Forth looks interesting:
"From the Wilderness Trace to the battlefield, from a dastardly land deal to building a fort, from indentured servitude to the meadowlands, from a one room schoolhouse to the university, from birth to love to rape to murder, and back around to a ham breakfast with a patriotic parade: What did these women see and feel? What was in their hearts and dreams? Inspired by a treasure trove of family photos, documents, and letters, The Way Forth is a folk opera and film that weaves through voices of generations of Kentucky women from 1775 to today."

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If you are in #Pasadena and want to go to a #choral concert, one of my pieces will be sung at this one:

8pm PST Sat, December 15, 2018

St Philip the Apostle Church
151 South Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106


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Applecross Winter scene. Ardarroch. North West Highlands. Scotland by Barbara Jones #Scotland #photography #landscape #Schottland

geklaut bei

And those singles were released on Stereolab's Duophonic label which means I associate (time & soundwise) them with this sideproject featuring Laetitia Sadier. 2 and a half minutes of pop beauty.

The band Dymaxion that i mentioned a couple of days ago don't seem to have much on Youtube. This one is closest to the singles I have, though slower and less punchy than I remember.

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RT Perspective matters ...

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Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.

or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

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Oh, and this one puts me in mind of Yummy Fur crossed with [band name I can't remember began with D, isn't dianetics, has something to do with Buckminster Fuller no I will not go crate digging to find out no I won't).
Bamya "Jolly LIttle Rococo Death March"

Oh no, I just discovered a cassette label from the west coast and I'm really liking what I hear. This could be expensive. (Thanks @douginamug !)

Greater Lanarkshire Auricalualr Resrach Council,

Ecco, "Wet Courage"
This is tagged "experimental" but definitely at the approachable, off-kilter pop end of that.

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Lush video and lucid music from a small Scottish group I sort of know, just released. Imagine a sort of cheerful and melancholy, celtic soundscape...

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