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long, meta, pretentious explanation of why this "place" is different 

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I dreamed that Wrestlemania VIII came on in a store, and I was telling a friend how good they were, so now you should all give it a listen

And they have a !

Edit: looks to be inactive the last 3 years. But could be nice stuff in the archive.

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be ready #Rojava




Storm begins at
9pm Rojava time
8pm CET
7pm UK time
Please be ready !
Hashtag released at time.



Anybody know any English-language articles about the Cristina Morales? She just won a prize(*) and I'm feeling too lazy to read about her in Spanish.
(* --

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Image from page 389 of "The standard cyclopedia of horticulture; a discussion, for the amateur, and the professional and commercial grower, of the kinds, characteristics and methods of cultivation of the species of plants grown in the regions of the Unite

More Gizeh records exploration. They've an upcoming soundtrack to classic Nanook of the North, for piano and hang drum:

Part of their "Dark Peak" series which has lovely black & silver handmade packaging:
Printed by these folks:

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uk amazon alternative 

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Hot Pol Take, not my dadgum comrades 

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A Featured Album of the Month:
"Arenig" is a work of art that is as reassuring in its quality for modern folk music as it is confident and cannot fail to dazzle in just about every way.

offtopic, Spain pol, unserious 

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A week in and out the shop: fighting truculent tuners, exhibiting at Oggcamp, learning about digital guitars for the less-abled, and random other musings.

And this, from Glissando is lovely and pay what you like as well.
Perfect for autumn evenings, a warm blanket of strings and voice with gentle percussion.

For the rest of the afternoon I'm going to be getting to know Gizeh Records, a label based in .
They have an equivalent of the old label sampler albums as a pay what you like download at Bandcamp:

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This weekend was the second of three Mountain Leader training weekends. We were in the Lake District, starting at the bottom of the Hardknott Pass (steepest road in England!)

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Discovered we have a rather fantastic magenta lily-pilly growing in the washing machine grey water ditch. Never seen it fruit before

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