The dark, slow melancholy of this album perfectly fit my mood this evening. Also, here’s a better link:

recent discoveries: Mumrunner, Better Oblivion Community Center, Lux Prima 

Slowly and randomly working my way through a “best of 2018” blog post I found on Amoeba Music (here:
First stop: Could It Be Different, by The Spook School.
Liking this a lot...upbeat-sounding songs with pretty real lyrics.

Hello cool music people! I have wandered over here from (where my main account is, @nox) because recently I've been trying to broaden my music horizons and thought having a place to chronicle that would be neat. I don't know how to describe the music I like, because I don't tend to like genres as much as specific bands or individuals with a genre.
I look forward to sharing and finding new music with you all!

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