excellent choice to listen to that Yume Bitsu album before bed. Calming and epic, at the same time.

A quiet evening, a non-fancy beer, and Vic Chesnutt’s fabulous album _The Salesman and Bernadette_, with all over it. Glorious.

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a perfectly cold afternoon to be stuck at home, listening to The Necks and reading The Wire magazine - thenecksau.bandcamp.com/album/

can I drown out ETOOMANYFEELINGS with some Flying Saucer Attack? I’m trying.

I returned from an overseas trip, Lambchop album waiting patiently, but damn that Scott Walker earworm that lodged in my ear after a chance listen made a link to something I heard a little over twenty years ago and never quite chased up. Regret, wasted cycles, and a summer spent in Apartment number nine.

much love for this fuzzy cover I ran into on a cold winter’s evening: saysueme.bandcamp.com/track/dr - bringing back lots of old-time feels from younger times (ie. the 90s)

I’m in an English Pub(tm). Dire Straits as an entree, with generous helpings of Madness in amongst other memories. Time has stopped here. At a nearby table, he’s almost finished his pint, she’s only halfway through her glass of red. They hold each other’s hand across the table as they speak. Oh look, a U2 song.

I dreamt of underpasses, lost people following one another, and trams. In the morning, I listened to Blonde Redhead’s “3 o’clock” at exactly 6 o’clock, as it turned out.

sinking into a song over breakfast as the sunlight briefly reaches Just The Right Place, and a public holiday calm descends.

a winter's evening closes in, but there's so much warmth in this particular Ekkehard Ehlers track ("Plays John Cassavetes 1") that you feel buoyant, even if you _are_ enveloped in a slight fog.

that mid-suburban of existential dread as the bus driver stops for a break, and the radio goes on playing Sweet Caroline. Once you recognize the moment for what it is, time’s up - the song finishes and they drive on.

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