Hi linernotes,

It’s a dull, grey, drizzly day here in Sussex.

Time to light the fire, put on the kettle, settle in and drift off, away from the chill and gloom of now, and treat yourself to an original audio reading from RAR!’s Vox maestro, Tim Rowe.

And this is a good place to dip your toe in.

Part One of our new podcast series.

The Ticehurst Rat



I am desperately trying to write part four of TCoTT so that we at least have a chance to hit a Sunday deadline.

I am at a loss to fathom your query.

Are you asking why I wish to light a fire, or saying I should turn on an electric one..? (Which I don’t have)

Yrs, distractedly


1. Just wondered if it's cold enough for a fire.

2. *Might* have time to record on Sunday (evening)


1. I was outside when I wrote about lighting a fire.

2. I *might* have time to write it on Saturday.

Hope the beer was warm and the seagulls ate your fish and chips.


That's a tad harsh, sir. I meant that as we're at La Rowe's there'll be stuff to catch up with. :)


Oh, that reminds me.

I must write that HILARIOUS short for her.

Bon appetite

(You can hear TR reading ‘The Roadie’ here:

Third one down the list.

This is actually a piece I wrote and posted here, many years ago.)

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