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Friends know where we are 🙂

I haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on.

Clear rational thought is called for in these bewildering times.

A master of navigation across the ever tempestuous ocean of modern life is required.

We have one here…

A sagacious and friendly guide, with a fearless companion chronicling the fraught battles won on the road to truth.

The original Crabtree and Plumpton archive:

High energy, hard drinking, superior criminal investigations read by @omnicaritas

Good evening fellow linernoter's

Part FOUR of our Podcast series is now up and ready for your ears.

A very fine reading, (as ever) from TR .. @omnicaritas ..

This episode finds Crabtree and Plumpton, plus their new chums, facing off with a criminally bent anatomist in his foul riverside boozer .. (The likeness to The Dove, Hammersmith, is entirely deliberate.)

It's all here:

(Plus the other episodes - Enjoy!)


I’m following anyone who posts.

It’s a quiet instance and I am a believer in forging alliances.

Listening to:

This is excellent…

Headphone gardening music at its best

Getting on with some gardening in the September sun here at inanityUK Towers with this on my ears…

Good evening Linernotes people...

About to play an on-line round of 'Are you a Psycho?' with my erratic, seagull fighting Voice Artist and his bemused family.

This weeks podcast is not exactly getting the commitment it needs...

But we all need a change, and if a highly unqualified session of amateur psychiatric treatment is going begging, well it would be a shame not to join in.

I mean, can I afford not to?

--- inanityUK podcast promo---

If you're up for it, Part Two of The Ticehurst Rat is here...

A particular grisly conclusion to this short introduction double bill.

Makes me shudder to even think about it.

Readers should be aware this banter is nothing compared to the ‘creative process’ endured weekly on our Telegram convos.

In between kitchen floods and watching bbc submarine thrillers it’s a bloody miracle anything gets done

Hi linernotes,

It’s a dull, grey, drizzly day here in Sussex.

Time to light the fire, put on the kettle, settle in and drift off, away from the chill and gloom of now, and treat yourself to an original audio reading from RAR!’s Vox maestro, Tim Rowe.

And this is a good place to dip your toe in.

Part One of our new podcast series.

The Ticehurst Rat

Good evening linernotes from inanityUK...!

Or good afternoon, or morning, or good night if you're hitting the sack.

I mean, what is time anyway? It's all visible light... a vast pile of plasma and hydrogen, either in sight or hidden. Time. Weird huh?

Although I'm not here to talk about the big questions, no siree

But as I have 15000 characters, it seems remiss not to avail myself of the generosity rolled out here at the internets Premier Music and music info and notes website.

The short version is this:

That's the website myself and @omnicaritas Tim Rowe, have as a refuge and sanctuary from the daily lunacy that is known as modern life.

The home page will fill you in.

... (ffs.. 14275 characters left. I'll copy and past it here)

From the Welcome page:

'inanity V1 was a phpbb forum based website, that spiralled into a black hole in a server farm somewhere in Scottsdale Arizona, mainly due to neglect, lack of users, and my hosting admin moving on, and I lost contact. That was way back in the mid 2000’s ..

But now it is back – hosted at vast expense here in the UK, backed up to the gills .. and ready to be filled with a fistful of pictures, mainly of my garden and village, some written work as the mood allows, and as a permanent home for a spoken word project Tim Rowe and I worked on last summer.. when the sky was a burning wave of raw fire, and madness crawled like a plague of scorpions across the country as cvd19 spewed its bile on our dear country.'

And by God, it has some stuff on it now. All the old stuff from last year 2020, new podcasts, the scripts, a short video I convinced Tim's daughter to Film, Produce and Star in.. (Not that sort - although there is a lot of swearing)

I mean, we even have a bandcamp page for any well heeled connoisseurs of spoken word comedy to chuck a quid or two at ...into the poor pot.

But it's all FREE on the website.

So, turn on, tune in, turn it UP and let the good times roll!


j. RAR!

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