Any of my fedifriends looking to pick up a small web design job? Friend of a friend is looking for some help. US preferred, San Diego / Cali best. Boosts welcome!

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@evilchili depending on the job I might be down! I'm not in or near San Diego but I am in Cali, and I can do HTML/CSS/JS (and backend nodejs if needbe but it doesn't sound like that'll be required?)

@raphaelmorgan thanks Morgan I am asking my friend the best way to contact her but for now you can try reaching her through LinkedIn at Taressa Mikaila Personal Lifestyle Consultant

Thank you again. Hope it works for the both of you and many thanks @evilchili

@raphaelmorgan@mastodon.loshevwoupd prefer email contact through taressa@shaw.cs

If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact me 🙏

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