The rabbit holes I fall down…

You familiar with the Elite series of video games? I thought I wanted to play a space trading / sim game a while ago (turns out I didn’t actually want a second, non-paying career), and I heard Elite was the procedurally generated great grandparent of them all. The Most recent version being Elite Dangerous, an mmo space sim with 400 Billion visitable star systems. They modeled the Milky Way, and for I dunno, $20?, you can fly around in it.

And they have a volunteer, free, in-game, community run version of like, interstellar AAA, called the Fuel Rats. You run out of video game space gas light years from anywhere, and these guys fly out to you, and give you some, so you can get back to civilization.

You can really have something like a whole ass culture in a video game. I’m 40, and haven’t been into games since I was 14 (with a short relapse in my mid 20s), and this blows my mind.

@dustin wait til you read about the economies in that thing. I refuse to go near it because i know I'm never come back


@dustin I was just reminded of this:

The Cure's Disintegration was delayed due to Elite.

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