Road trip coming up, so you know what that means.


What are your must-have tunes for long drives?

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We have a tradition of starting every road trip with The World Is New by Save Ferris, so always have a set of ska punk to get us going.

almost put Flashlight on the list and then remembered it's like 11 minutes long and nobody is going to stand for that besides me

@evilchili I'm a sucker for big wide open feeling songs on road trip playlists, so I'd toss in Allman Brothers' Jessica, Edgar Winter's Frankenstein, might even go so far as to throw in ELP's Hoedown, oh, and Chuck Mangione's Theme from The Cannonball Run.

@djsundog I think I would be kicked to the curb if I included Edgar Winter but this is a solid recommendation. I love to mix Frankenstein with Superstition tho, so maybe I'll sneak that in, and in my *head* the playlist will include Frankenstein.

@djsundog The problem with Superstition is that very can follow it except more Stevie Wonder. But His Royal Purpleness will assist me.

@evilchili that's the perfect lineup to end up on some good time, good feeling "Lovely Day" by blessed Bill Withers but that might be a bit too far if the audience in the car is skewing young.

@evilchili Last time I took a road trip I carefully made a series of playlists featuring songs corresponding to the locations we were driving through. Either the artists were from the location, or the song was about / mentioned the location.

One of the opening tracks where we started in Philadelphia was by local band The End of America, covering "America" by Simon & Garfunkel. It just feels like starting an epic journey, somehow.

@evilchili Abba—Greatest Hits to get hyped. The KLF —Chill Out to be quiet and contemplative.

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