Spending an evening with my brand new Meze Classics. In many ways these are the polar opposite of my grado SR80s -- closed not open, wood not plastic, punchy bass not sparkly tops. They're refreshing and exciting to listen to and I promise not to go all audiophile nerd horseshit about it but I really really like them. 🎧

Reference tracks (so far...)

Miles Davis: Oleo (Live at the Plaza Hotel, NY 1958)
The Beths: Little Death
Devin Townsend: Genesis
System 7: Alpha Wave (Gliss Mix)
Jacob Collier: Overture
Brian Eno: Fickle III (I'm Set Free)
Daniel Lanois: Iceland

Honestly I don't think you need anything else to examine audio fidelity if you have a Daniel Lanois record handy.

808 State: Flow Coma (AFX Remix by Aphex Twin) has some crazy real low freq nonsense going on I've never heard before.

DJ Shadow: Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul)
Cut Chemist: the Garden
Madlib: Slim's Return
Billie Holiday: It Had to be You
Diana Krall: Devil May Care
Saint Etienne: Finisterre
Dry Cleaning: John Wick
Laurie Anderson: Same Time Tomorrow

and that's it for me. I love these cans. thst is all.

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