oh no. *sweats profusely* unggggh. oh no.

Cut Your Own Vinyl Records With This $1,100 Machine.

@djsundog @evilchili Oh, man. 7-year-old me thought this machine existed and wanted it badly. Ohhhh, geez. :blobsweats:

@evilchili holy shit! all the sinclair software taken from cassette and put onto vinyl would be amazing

@Jo @evilchili @djsundog wait, that Pete Shelley, from the Buzzcocks?

Ever Encoded Software on a Medium (You Shouldn’t Encode Software On)?

@djsundog @ajroach42 @evilchili Appreciated.

I had heard rumblings of this elsewhere, but had refrained from looking.

We have been eyeing a vintage lathe, but they are equally expensive, and significantly unreliable.

Once we have the lathe, we'll mold and cast duplicates in polyurethane or maybe even PLA resin.

I know a good urethane resin will work. I've seen it done. If we could do it with a bioplastic, though, and one that will biodegrade under the right circumstances...

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