that moment in heroes & villains when brian wilson is cut off by the chorus

TMBG released two new albums today, I presume because they want to stack the deck in my AOTY deliberations.

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It’s a New Order: Power, Corruption, Lies kind of evening.

Boost if you agree.

as a composer he remains unmatched though; these are beautiful fabrege songs, delicate and intricate.

Never the most lucid or direct of songwriters, I have even less idea what David Byrne is on about on this record then I usually do. I've read his own commentary on it, so I know what he intended, but the lyrics are allegorically obtuse in places and I find myself distracted by them when listening A strange record.

"When you see a ska fan, you see a nerd enjoying themselves. Who doesn’t hate that?"

@xyzzy oh gods. Seven Nation Army. Come Together. Billie Jean. Golden Years. Superfly. London Calling. like, half of Parliament Funkadelic's tracks. I might n36ed to lie down / make a playlist.

Dead Can Dance remains one of my favourite bands, and yet another who's discovery I owe to @akajtg .

We saw them at Massey Hall in Toronto on the Spiritchaser tour in 96 and I still remember it vividly: Lisa Gerrard regal and commanding in a flood spot, the backing percussion getting so lost in Yulunga (Spirit Dance) they missed the cue to finish. The opening act was a giant of a man (one of the band members, it turned out) reciting passages of Canterbury Tales.

The new record is wonderful.

woop! Piroshka, featuring members of Lush and Elastica, have dropped their first single, and it's real good.

Piroshka - Everlastingly Yours:

ooooh right it's new Dead Can Dance day! I so very *checks notes* somber and sad about this.

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