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My diversion into metal continues with revisiting Nomeansno, one of Canada's greatest hardcore bands and purveyors of frenetic,intricate, jazz-tinged thrash. Imagine Black Flag and Devo having a music baby.

..or maybe don't imagine that, actually.

Led Zepplin II helped popularize the 8 Track as a recording medium because consumers needed a way to more efficiently fast-forward through the Lemon Song

Music would be better off if more bands had listened to Led Zepplin I instead of Led Zepplin II thank-you for coming to my ted talk it is 138 minutes long

only listened once through so far but this is real real good and you should really ch ch ch ch check it out.

Blissfully out of touch these days so just getting around to hearing Maggie Rogers and boy is she something.

so help me not even Narduar can make the current crop of mumble rappers interesting. and if Narduar can't make you interesting I got news for you, son.

I am thoroughly enjoying Sleep Through It from WILDHONEY. dreamy shoegazery in the caroline records / 4ad traditions.

Unfortunately, as with so many indie releases the production is terrible, all compressed and muddy; it sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box. The music deserves a better platform.

Good morning my little hollow-seeming mouths.

finally giving that new Esperanza Spalding record a go. It's the most Esperanza Spalding record yet!

a huge evergrowing pulsating brain: rule from the centre of the ultraverse

a brain of regular size: making a playlist of all your favourite riffz in your collection

some larger brain: listening to things tagged "powerpop" or "garage" on bandcamp looking for riffs.

a very large brain indeed: listen to the buzzcocks forever

i just bought tickets for Digable Planets. this is a thing that has happened. 🀯

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