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Evilchili's Album of the Year! (Long) 


*dances near the edge of the cliff*

in the video for "Close to You" they all get inside a cupboard which falls off a cliff. i wonder if it was the same one?

@akajtg were you following the Cure in 82? I imagine Pornography must have sounded like it came from another planet.

Me: scrolling through yubtub recommendations, clicking on random Cure-related video
Also me: Spending the rest of the evening watching the Cure Trilogy live in Berlin

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days

Yes, I bought a chiptune exploration of traditional Mexican folk music, MOTHER.

heist today:

r.a.p. Ferreira - purple moonlight pages
format.EXE - Chipfolk
Say Sue Me - Say Sue Me - Where We Were Together
the Mynabirds - Lovers Know
Split Prophets - Delta Bravo Kilo
Hippo Campus - Landmark

He said, "Burn baby, burn"
'Til the street Samurai said to my face
That any flag that's worth a shit
Was woven from fire in the first place

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy feels right right now.

Thanks to the mighty KEXP today I discovered Cable Ties, a Melbourne 3 piece playing angry, loud punk with a side of garage surf post-punk. Friends, they are so good! Start with Say What You Mean from their 2017 self-titled debut. Play it LOUD. The new album drops next week!

Jenn Pelly's retrospective on BjΓΆrk's 2nd album Post is thoughtful and engaging. Good morning my little modern things.

Notable music releases on this date include:

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Cocteau Twins - Milk and Kisses

Flavor Flav has been fired from , but I figure Chuck D has his pick of replacement no-talent stage props in any of the day's mumble rappers so he'll be fine. There's probably already a Lil Boaty Flav or something.

This has been a rare from yours truly; we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

#fipradio #nowplaying Ensemble O-Celli - Bohemian rhapsody - arrangement pour 8 violoncelles (The sunnyside of Γ”-Celli - 2019)

Yuja Wang plays Prokofiev's Toccata as an encore after playing the entire Concerto no. 3. Alternatively titled YUJA WANG SLICES A PIANO IN HALF WITH HER BARE HANDS.

watching Elisapie on NPR and enjoying it. The band is*really* good: deep blues and tight grooves. a hollow-body electric and baritone sax is hard to argue with.

If you're looking to enjoy your New Order records your Pet Shop Boys records and your Smiths records but only have 52 minutes may I suggest the first Electronic record, featuring Bernard Sumner, Neal Tennant, and Johnny Marr?

If you also want to listen to your 808 State records but only have 4 minutes and 35 seconds you might think "that's not enough time for all that awesome!" but I'd tell you about Graham Massey's 12" remix of Electronic's first single, Disappointed, and you wouldn't be.

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