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Best of 2019 

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Evilchili's Album of the Year! (Long) 

Reripping my collection to FLAC had led to some fond rediscoveries as I listen to new rips of old records.

Seal's self-titled debut was produced by Trevor Horn (he of the Art of Noise etc) and has that kitchen-sink club crossover production so typical of the period, owing as much to Peter Gabriel as its neosoul foundations. Listening to it again all these years later I find it bemusing and touching in equal measure. And I still knowno all the words to Future Love Paradise.

You're not truly free until you can let yourself sing along to Joanna Newsom.

This is a hell of a piece of writing.

The Beatles' Breakup and Why Their Music Matters 50 Years Later - Rolling Stone

Goddamn that DJ made my day
Eric B
Goddamn that DJ made my day
Eric B
Goddamn that DJ made my day
Eric B

it's not the band I hate it's the fans
three cans of water perverts me

Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole.

Not like you.

Me: the thing I like about this band is the w--
Me: This is why no one likes you, Nets.

There's a reason that 4AD has always been my go to label. They always champion new, unique performers. Can't say I love everything that comes from the label but it will always get consideration (a listen). And with all the "cult" bands don't forget they did give M/A/R/R/S too

With that in mind

The Beths will never exude swagger, but at their best moments on this record they declare doubt and nostalgia with a kind of apologetic confidence: Jump Rope Gazers seems to say "Sorry for intruding, we're a bit of a bummer, but we're really quite good at it, just listen."

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I've been listening to sophomore effort for a while now, and I'm fascinated. It's not the explosion of Future Me Hates Me which initially put me off a bit. On FMHM Stokes' vulnerability and self-doubt were masked by roaring tempos and blistering guitars. On Jump Rope Gazers the Beths are more exposed. There's less sonic cover for the emotional truths; vocals are pushed forward in the mix, embracing Brian Wilson-style multipart harmonies over acoustic guitars and more relaxed tempos.

U2 sure make it hard to like U2 these days but boy oh boy is early U2 good. War is such a great record. Way more postpunk than you have any reason to expect and it always surprises me.

@evilchili ahh the good old Nettwerk label. still can't believe from that mostly industrial label came Sara McLachlan

do you all know Pentangle? I assume you all know Pentangle. But in case you don't, Pentangle:

Didn't notice this release until very late on

Jehnny Beth - To Love is to Live has garnered my attention with a lot of ... what's this?!!! waaah!! reactions as I make my way through the release for a 2nd time

Atticus Ross is responsible for the production and you can feel it come to the fore on many of the tunes including the 1-2 punch of Innocence & Flower.

On the attached Heroine you can feel the heavy production compliment her vocals and not dominate as it easily could.

She has spoken of Bowie's passing being a great motivator for finally doing a solo LP (I wouldn't call it a debut because of her recording accomplishments already). It does bear repeated listenings and will be on many best of 2020 lists.

@akajtg need your superior memory. first track on side b of a record was a gravelly-voiced guy going on about meat. "Meat meat meat and meat. I'd eat Capn Crunch with Beef Berries if they made the damn stuff. " what was the record?

in case you're social distancing in my neighborhood and you here a couple of seven year olds yelling Oi!, I offer this by way of explanation.

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