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Evilchili's Album of the Year! (Long) 

The Who, or what's left of them, have a new record on the way. Lead single sounds like old farts playing The Who songs, which tracks.

09 Endless Hopeless Bleak Dispair [WRECKLESS ERIC]
10 Drink! [THE POGUES]
14 Wicked Little Critta [MR. BUNGLE]
15 Finished With Lies [JONATHAN COULTON]
16 She Thinks She's Edith Head [THE CARS]
17 Working Undercover For the Man [CAKE]


turned 20 this week, so I thought it a fine time to review my theory that They Might Be Giants have written all your favorite bands' best songs they never wrote, and I can prove it to you with the tracks on this record. BEHOLD!

01 Bangs [THE MONKEES]
02 Cyclops Rock [THE PIXIES]
03 Man, It's So Loud In Hear [NEW ORDER]
04 Mr. Xcitement [BECK]
05 Another First Kiss [COUNTING CROWS]
06 I've Got a Fang [THE RESIDENTS]
07 Hovering Sombrero [THE BREEDERS]
08 Yeh Yeh (cover)


I saw Larry Taylor with Tom Waits on the Mule Variations tour and I swear until he introduced the band we thought it was Les Claypool on bass. He had such a gift.

long time Tom Waits collaborator Larry Taylor has died. I knew he was in Canned Heat and played with Beefheart, but this is one *hell* of a discography:

Daevid Allen died in 2015, which I knew. What I didn't know is that he told Gong to keep going, and nominated Knifeworld's frontman Kavus Torabi to replace him.

They released a record earlier this year, and to my delight it's a pretty excellent Gong record.

Since @evilchili brought up the birthday of this album, here's a nice breakdown of some of the recording techniques and equipment behind Portishead's "Dummy"

Warning: contains lots of ads

not gonna lie, I bought this record for how he says "buddy" in the opening track, buddy.

I don't remember why I bought Dude York's latest, Falling, but I'm glad I did. Boy/girl power pop with screeching guitars and more surprising changes and breaks than I have any reason to expect from power chords and woo hoo choruses. Definitely recommended.

Since Mint Records (seminal canadian indie record label) has popped up on bandcamp I’ve been poking through their catalog and discovered dumb.

dumb sits somewhere on the intersection of Dead Kennedys, Devo and The Evaporators, which is a fine place to site in my opinion.

I am really enjoying the Spielbergs. noisy stadium anthems played in a phone booth. Puts me in mind of Frightened Rabbits.


The Center Will Not Hold is great. Annie Clark's presence is everywhere, and I suspect in a few years time we'll be talking about That Clark Sound the way we talk about Eno's sonic washes.

Life on Mars is one of those songs that makes my breath die in my throat. This version, from the Hours tour in 1999 is really something, though Mick Ronson's arrangements on the album version are unmatched.

I do love that this one closes with the synth sound from Thursday's Girl -- anchors it in time as much as Bowie's hair.

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